29 March 2015

What was Lubitz all about?

There’s allot of speculation surrounding Lubitz flying the Germanwings plane he was manning into a ravine in the French Alps, everyone trying to make sense and try and comprehend why someone would do such a thing, not only killing himself but murdering 149 other people in the process .

What was the reason behind that?  What type of person would do such a thing?

It’s a strange one when there is no suicide note and no explanation that is publicly known at this time.  It’s just speculation in the media based upon the trickle of facts emerging about the case.

My speculation, thoughts and opinions are here on this blog because planes being crashed are usually but not exclusively cases of terrorism and there are multiple terrorist groups out there wanting to bring down planes.

The media story based upon the trickle of facts so far is that Lubitz was completely mentally unstable, in-part because he was going blind which would mean he would lose his pilots licence, and added to this was his distaste towards his new working conditions and pay which drove him to commit suicide and murder 149 other innocent people with him.

All of those things would factor into his mental state of mind and there are reports that his eye condition could be a result of a psychoschmatic illness which all plays into the insane story now surrounding him and his actions but is there more to the story.

A completely insane man with mass murder on his mind who was left in charge of a plane carrying 149 other people whilst the Captain went to the toilet?

There is believed to be factual evidence that supports this theory so his present documented medical conditions cannot be disputed.

My thought is; If he really did say to his ex-girlfriend last year that he planned to go down in history then this would mean he was already planning this event prior to his recent medical conditions.

Time-frame between both is critical unless he was already under medical care at this time which seems unlikely but not beyond the realms of possibility because that would have been a long time to hide a very serious mental illness from his employer and continually get behind the cockpit and continue flying without anyone noticing he was ‘insane’.

It seems to me that he already had in his mind what he was going to do at some point in the future so all talk of his present mental state of mind is secondary dependent upon the time frame.

Could his present state of mind not have been brought on by the knowledge within himself about what he was planning to do?  Stress, anxiety, fear, a wide range of mental and physical emotions whilst mentally preparing for his act of suicide, and if so it’s almost certain that he would have used the psychoanalysis time to present his story that could be understood after the event when looking at it with hindsight.

Jesus sweated blood when He knew what was coming.

Unless it is just a clear cut case of pure insanity by a mass-murderer which by definition it is but is there motive behind the event other than a mentally unstable Lubitz wanting to leave this life with a bang in a way that the World would remember him by?

Thats the question.

If he had been mentally planning his act for a long time then terrorism cannot be ruled out as a motive, it’s just a case of was it 
personal terrorism (his own reason yet to be explained), or an act on-behalf of a group willing to carry out terrorist acts that he was connected to?

He knew it was a suicide mission that he was embarking on which obviously plays into his thinking process so is it a coincidence that he carried out his act a week or two after learning his fiancé was pregnant with his child?

Lubitz lives on after one life sacrificed if there is bigger meaning to the act.

Could just be a coincidence or something that sent Lubitz over the edge which is unlikely.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring so nobody knows whether Lubitz planned for some kind of message to be released after he was gone as part of his planning for this act, at the moment the public are in the dark and so are the investigators if media reports are true.

If it was a terrorist act then there is definitely more to come.

Lubitz claimed he was going to change the system but nobody knows what system he was on about and nobody knows how his actions were going to change the system because he has not left an explanation of what the system is or what his grievances are so it makes his action pointless other than a case of suicide mass murder.

Was his ex-girlfriend lying?

Only the German doctors who spoke with Lubitz know whether or not he implied anything to them, and the police are investigating to determine whether or not there is an explanation or suicide note anywhere which they say there is not.

Nobody knows yet and people are seeking answers to know what Lubitz slamming a plane into a mountain was all about.

The actions of a suicidal insane man or an act of terrorism.

Only the German psychiatrists know at this moment in time because either he fed them information or kept his plans completely hidden, either way he was signed off sick by 2 doctors on the day of his actions so they knew something was not right with him.

The question is; What exactly?

Unless a message is yet to be presented.

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