31 March 2015

Remember the other mystery in the French Alps

You would be forgiven for wondering if someone (plural) likes operating out of the French Alps.

That was one of my first thought after thinking the Germanwings plane had been shot down rather than it being a kamikaze pilot at the controls.

There is allot of speculation now surrounding the missing black box from the Germanwings crash site that is still yet to turn up and help shed more light upon what really happened before the passenger plane with 150 people on-board crashed into a mountainous ravine in the French Alps.

Knowing personally the attempted State level cover-up of the Breivik case leaves you wondering and watching to see what really happened to the plane in the French Alps and whether or not there will be another State level cover-up behind the truth to the crash.

A mentally unstable Lubitz is a very nice clean story and the exact same story they tried to blanket the Breivik attacks in.  This failed in a court of law which leaves wide open questions in Norway to what really happened that led Breivik to go on a bombing and kill spree in their Country contrary to the mainstream media controlled story of 'lone wolf' connected to no-one physically or mentally.

Whoever was behind Breivik, which this blog points out, attempted to 'frame' me as part of their insane lone nut cover story which I defended myself from.  Breivik was actually working with an Al Qaeda jihadi working for multiple intelligence agencies if my key evidence is confirmed.  If not it is someone else but all evidence points to my claim being 100% correct.

When it is those in 'Power' who commit the crime then there is nobody to hold them accountable on a judicial level.

Thank God there are other levels of justice in this World and He holds all things in His hands.

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