30 March 2015

Lubitz told the psychiatrists he was suicidal

Lubitz obviously never hid the fact that he planned to commit suicide at some point in his life as he had shared these thoughts and tendencies with the psychiatrists who were dealing with his case.  In hindsight I should think the psychiatrists never imagined he would actually do it otherwise they would have sectioned him, or that in the process of him killing himself he would murder 149 other innocent people in the process by slamming the plane he was flying into a mountainous ravine in the French Alps.

Hindsight is a marvelous thing.

Who knows, he may he divulged his intentions subtly but nobody understood at the time, acted on his behalf or took him seriously. One thing seems to be sure is the fact that he did tell the professionals of his suicidal thoughts, hopefully his intentions too, but was still able to slip through their net and that of Germanwings and take control of an Airbus and crash it into a mountain killing all those on-board including himself.

His intentions were clear way before the day of the act if his ex-girlfriend is to be believed because he told her in subtle coded language about what was to come, and that day did come and pass exactly as he had said it would.

What did he tell the psychiatrists in coded language that can only now be understood.

He does not seem like a stupid man so there has to be more to the story than he woke up one morning and decided today is the day and then goes out and commits mass murder and suicide without leaving any explanation to his actions especially knowing that he did have intentions over and above just suicide and murder.

He said: "I'm going to change the system and everyone will know my name"

If that is true then there must be an explanation somewhere and this is not a simple case of him waking up one morning on the wrong side of the bed and then committing suicide and mass murder, and he could not have been that mentally unstable on the day if nobody noticed anything different about him, even to the point of leaving him in charge of the flight controls.

Lubitz lives on in this life with his legacy, his unborn child along with his name etched into history as he had stated, with being the man who murdered 149 people by crashing his plane into a mountain.

There is no explanation yet as to the statement he made to his ex-girlfriend which, in-part, would explain his actions on the day or what was a large motivating factor.

Reason + Action = Result

He did not share his deepest darkest secret with his ex-girlfriend for nothing, the question is; did he share similar coded statements with others that can only now be understood or was she the only one to carry the message that until now not even Lubitz has explained.

What do the doctors files say...

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