25 March 2015

Germanwings plane crash 'speculation'

If it was a mechanical failure that forced the plane to drop from the sky then the pilots had 8 minutes to send their SOS distress signal and you would think a mechanical fault would not effect the electrics of the plane especially any emergency electric supplies powering any emergency controls especially its emergency distress signal whilst flying at 38,000 feet.

No signal was sent by the experienced pilot or his co-pilot.

Mechanical fault is mechanical, and electrical fault is electrical.

Why no SOS signal? If there was an explosion that blew a hole in the plane and caused a lack of pressure forcing the plane to drop altitude rapidly then its quite plausible that this would/could have completely blown the electrics on the plane, thus making it impossible to send an SOS signal in those 8 minutes falling to Earth.

Would a mechanical fault prevent the SOS distress signal?

Either it was a mechanical fault or electrical fault, its highly unlikely (without knowing about plane crashes) to be both at the same time?

My opinion:

Mechanical fault = SOS distress signal
Electrical fault = No SOS distress signal

Big hole in the plane = Mechanical & Electrical fault

The intent to bring down passenger planes by our enemies is out there...

Nobody knows fully what happened to Germanwings flight 4U 9525 yet although terrorism is being ruled out as being a cause.

If planes are being shot out of the sky by Islamic terrorists or anyone else with a grievance then imagine the public fear in the aviation industry?

All those S-A-M's in the hands of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Libya is food for thought...

Shooting from a mountain range obviously cuts out thousands of feet distance between rocket and plane.  Not like the BUK that blew out the plane from the sky over Ukraine that could reach 38,000 from the ground comfortably but smaller shoulder fired or remote manpads.

This Germanwings crash might just be an unlikely freak accident with a self explanatory reason behind the unanswered questions, but that does not change the facts concerning the threat from our enemies out there while your reading this.

It's not if, it is when and where...

Authorities say its not this one over the Alps as terrorism has been ruled out as being a cause.

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