17 March 2015

An element of MI5/MI6 planned to kill EDL members in Dewsbury in 2012

Most of the facts to the case are in the public domain so you can look for yourself at the evidence, but whoever controls the networks from within the British State are above the law because MI5/MI6 dictate to the police on terrorism cases which means there is no one to investigate them and the real truth so they quite literally can get away with (mass) murder and international terrorism.

They cover-up their involvement in crimes by calling it 'National Security' with all the laws that entails to stop investigations and then hold secret courts when they are integrally involved in cases.

Above the law...Until found out like Jack Straw and his MI6 chief who are now embroiled in a torture scandal on-behalf of Colonel Gadaffi and Blair's deal in the desert.

MI5/MI6 will not investigate themselves or their agents, although at one time this was called counter-espionage, which means the heads of each department must be culpable for covering up very serious crimes against the British people and against foreign Countries on-behalf of their agents who are actively involved in mass murder, attempted mass murder and terrorist acts, all I thought were illegal under international law?

(If not we know where we all stand and its the 'people's' right under Magna Carta to take it to the Government under whatever form that takes so as to re-install Democracy in Britain and not a Police State controlled by the politicians to cover-up their crimes against the British people.)

I know this to be true because one such network protected by MI5/MI6 attempted to frame me for Anders Breiviks attacks in Norway which could have turned out very differently for me if I had not defended myself.  And thank God people gave me the grace to defend myself.

Ask the families of the Utoya victims if the murder of their children was a legal act within military doctrine from a supposedly friendly foreign government and NATO partner?  And whether or not those who were behind it and involved with it should evade justice because of their social standing?

Blame it all on the single 'lone-wolf' connected to no one physically or mentally, say he was 'inspired' by me and label him insane and then there is no wider group to look for and investigate.  Breivik was judged sane in a court of law and there are opinions in Norway that the criminal investigation into Breiviks attacks was corrupted from the outset which is backed up with facts and evidence and I spent 3 days voluntarily in Norwegian police care to prove my innocence.

So what is the real story and truth behind Breivik's atrocity and not the propaganda spread as truth in the mainstream media? 

All of the facts and evidence points to a British State protected terrorist network at the heart of British intelligence who have carried out and planned to carry out acts of terrorism and mass murder not only in Britain against British citizens but also in foreign Countries, NATO partners and non-NATO.

Who is going to hold them to account based upon the facts and evidence?

Their the ones who control the institutes of State employed to enforce the 'rule of law' upon everyone else so where is the justice and 'rule of law'?

One rule for the population and another for those who work within the State infrastructure dictating to and controlling the rest of us using the 'Power of the State' and their control over the 'rule of law' to protect themselves from their crimes.  Look at the multiple Establishment paedophile networks dating back many years that are only now being investigated as a prime example.

State orchestrated organised crime and terrorism which is also commonly known as espionage and is a direct threat to National Security and the future of the Realm.

I stood accused of being the mentor behind the biggest terrorist attack in Europe of the 21st Century, and biggest single man spree killing in history that emanated from within the UK and British police have refused to take a statement from me multiple times even though there were credible threats against my life, they had not even asked me one word on the subject even after the Norwegians telling me they were going to talk to me when I returned to the UK.

How is that normal or right in such a case? Where are my 'human rights' or do they not apply to me a white British citizen whose family goes back into British history?  I don't qualify for one those 'special' interest groups now prevalent throughout the British State.

No one will defend my 'human rights' because to do so would mean involvement in all of this and I'm am not part of a 'special' interest group, I'm a second class citizen in my own Country.  I've had no other option but to defend my own 'human rights'.

Thank God for the internet and Facebook.

It is called 'political repression' where agents of the State (MI5/MI6) not only use their political influence over the institutes of State to crush you into committing suicide or lead you into a position of being murdered, all of which I have encountered personally at the hands of the current British State over this case but they attempted to frame me for inspiring a mass murder against a bunch of innocent kids on a summer camp that could have landed me in prison for the rest of my life.  Go figure. The problem is then removed, the cover-up of their (Whoever is behind this) very serious crimes against innocent people secure and then life goes on for them as normal until they commit their next terrorist atrocity and blame it upon someone else in the media.

That's why I hope and pray Cameron reaps what he sows, and all others involved in the cover-up of the terrorist network that is being operated from within the belly of MI5/MI6 endorsed by GCHQ with the DA Notice.

A State sanctioned cover-up operates on all levels how do you think they are successful.  Breivik's attacks were no joke and if a Nation State was behind the attacks which they were, and its proven, either Britain or Russia, then this potentially breaches Article 5 of the Washington treaty and is a declaration of War against all NATO Countries if Norway decides to classify Breivik's attacks as an act of War based upon the evidence and not the mainstream media propaganda story of him and his attacks.

You tell me I'm wrong?  While Russia plants its flag and military in the Arctic region and Stoltenberg otherwise known as Steklov  'oversees' NATO Operations.  I am sure the Norwegians people feel secure knowing that.  We dont really care in the UK we cannot even guarantee 2% defence spending so 'bleep' NATO. Canada has a vested interest in what is going on considering they have staked a claim to the Arctic, are a NATO allie and part of the Commonwealth but Cameron's government cannot see further than their own bellies and how to fill them as much as possible whilst in Government so what happens in the Arctic region is irrelevant to them.

Or Breivik the son of a Diplomat and step son of a former army major was a 'lone wolf' connected to absolutely NO ONE!

Thank God for the Sunday Times who did a basic investigation themselves about the Breivik case and its links to the EDL for an article published in their paper that uncovered the foundation evidence to my evidence in the case which all holds up legally which is why they went to print with the story.  Not only this but they uncovered that one of the main witnesses to my evidence, who also used her lawyer to commit perjury on her behalf, was an employee of a Companion of Honour so directly linked to Queen Elizabeth II and her protection.  Protection so as to not damage the reputation of one of her own, irrespective of whether or not he is guilty of involvement, who has been presented with a decorative bit of metal and called a Companion of Honour because he has painted a few pretty pictures which means nothing when they are buried in the ground just like Jimmy Savile.

What hope do I have faced with all that?  Not much!

Not really a fair fight...but I'm still here through it all and the fight for justice and to get my life back goes on whatever form that takes.

Multiple encounters with Special Branch under schedule 7 doesn't seem to have worked either, but atleast there is a paper-trail with each of these encounters for future investigations to find out what they did about my claims and factual evidence, if anything, which includes one witness in the Breivik case talking about murdering another witness.  The same witness who has also called for a debate on killing Cameron.

Just act like he doesn't
 exist and that Breivik never happened, stick a DA Notice on the case and then the public will never know the real truth either even though the real culprits are presented in the media as innocent which shows you the 'power' within the British State of those behind this terrorist network.

Archetypal Gladio - NATO - Although I would hope a rogue Foreign controlled network that spans multiple Countries that is embedded within NATO structures.

Sweden is a non-NATO partner and they want answers to who was behind the attempted mass murder on their streets from the Luton jihadi recruit.

My ideological position on Cameron now is righteous British justice based upon my case and his position, and I trust in God to avenge however He deems fit, even at the hands of another.  Not my problem, I have my own problems caused by Cameron's Government and I trust in God to justify me and avenge my enemies.

Thank God nobody was murdered at the EDL demo in Dewsbury it was not for want of trying, also in Sweden where the suicide bomber only killed himself which is connected to the same network in my opinion with outstanding evidence in that case still.  Sadly the same cannot be said for Norway but atleast there is evidence against the network now that leads straight into the heart of British intelligence and Government.

Who are they, who are they working for and who is protecting them?

I believe its a Russian spy network embedded inside British intelligence with political protection from a certain quarter and there is nothing to prove me wrong.


Post script: I have always had the utmost respect for the British security services and the work they do, how could we not, but all it takes is a few bad apples and that rots the whole crate.  How rotten is that crate is the question and as far as I can see that rot controls the British State or a section of it, so who are they?

Rotten agents and politicians working for a foreign government which is 'Treason'?

Or Agents working on behalf of the British State, sanctioned by the State in pursuit of its objectives?

Which would mean involvement in a mass murder and terrorist atrocity in Norway, an attempted mass murder in Sweden and an attempted mass murder in Dewsbury England.

So what is it?

It's not a joke...One persons madness is another persons reality, and the facts are the facts, unless your just stupid in which case there is no hope.

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