22 April 2015

UKIP's Farage - Send the migrants back

Instead of sending the migrants back who are heading for our European shores from all over Africa we will now be sending out search parties to collect them from the waters just off Libya so as to stop them from drowning in the Med.  This means that the numbers being sent off on boats from Libya is going to massively increase, safe in the knowledge that the European political elite are going to use the resources of their Nation States to go collect them from the water and then integrate them into a street near you.  Irrespective of the liberal left view, many are coming to rape pillage and steal from us, so if it happens to you, thank your local politician for your personal plight unless he/she is UKIP who have made their position on the problem known.

The overall majority coming from Africa are not fleeing conflicts as is stated in the media, I have lived among them and interacted with them in Malta which is on the flight path from Libya to Italy and mainland Europe so have a very good understanding of how the system works, and if you're from any part of Somalia just say your from Mogadishu and you get a Shengen passport and new i.d to travel throughout the Shengen area.  Ask any Somali where he/she is from and they will say Mogadishu unless they are settled with their passports and then they will tell you the truth.

Most in Africa see Europe as Babylon where trees grow with money on them or where you can go to a brick wall and it pumps out free money.  If you were a poor African living on a dollar a day would you not want to attempt the journey to Babylon to find the money tree?

Gadaffi was right when he spoke of turning Europe black and moslem, its happening right before your eyes, aided and abetted by our political elite voted into power on the back of their lies, misinformation and propaganda feed through our TV screens.

They say there is currently 600,000 African migrants waiting in Libya to cross into Europe which is a bit different to the 1.5 million a few years ago.

The uncomfortable truth...

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