6 April 2015

So what do you do?

I've lived under the oppression (physically and mentally) of State persecution with no legal justification or recourse over being accused of being Breivik's English mentor for long enough now and I've had enough, call it the elastic band snapping syndrome so watch this space.  Whilst those who are actually guilty of the crime they attempted to frame me for, which was no small crime, walk free with no life difficulties trying to push them further into the ground to finish them off because they are directed, protected and funded by MI5/MI6 agents operating on-behalf of someone (plural) operating at the 'heart of the British Government' and linked right up and into the Order of Companion of Honour's the Queen's special club so have State protection not only from the Queen but Politicians abusing their positions and influence over the institutes of State to cover-up their crimes because if they did not they would be in jail for the rest of their lives for treason. Attempting to kill innocent British citizens along with a longer list of crimes including mass murder and international terrorism although the mass murder could be deemed a 'crime against humanity'.

Silence and involvement in the cover-up means complicity.

They have everything to lose and I have nothing to lose now so what do I care about what happens next unless it now turns in my favour and action is undertaken, if not whats the point of this life?  To live under State orchestrated oppression for ever?  I don't think so, a taste of your own medicine coming your way!

You have no idea...My life was taken on July 22nd 2011 by an element of those who were actually behind Breivik's attacks and I want it back now so one way or another something is going to change.

The law does not work for the average man in the street if it is members of the political class or aristocracy who are the ones committing the crimes against the British people and abroad in other Countries which includes in this instance international terrorism and mass murder (multiple counts) because they or their friends are the ones who control the functioning of State, and they on the higher levels in their Masonic lodges perceive themselves to be beyond the norms of life that the rest of society is forced to live under on their orders through their control of the judiciary and beyond which effects all areas of society.  Bit of a no hoper unless you want to declare war on them because of their actions towards and abuse of the British people, and if that happens then we all live and die the same irrespective of wealth or social position, that hole in the ground is going to be the same for us all.

The evidence in my case is all in the public domain except one missing 'key piece of evidence' which is what the intelligence services cover-up hinges on and would make their 'house of cards' collapse all around them when proven but who is going to investigate the criminal watchers and their political masters who surround themselves in secrecy laws to cover-up their crimes?  One time this was called counter-espionage but we have no idea who now controls our Country or our intelligence services anymore, other than knowing an element was involved in carrying out acts of terrorism and mass murder in Norway, potentially a failed attack in Sweden and a failed attack in the UK. The white Al Qaeda jihadi who I believe was involved with framing me and involved in the other attacks was an MI5 agent working out of Luton and if true will mean he was working with the backers behind the hijacked EDL and Tommy Robinson's leadership.

You think that group want the truth to be known or told?  Of course not...Based upon the law books they would go to prison for the rest of their lives.

Coincidence that the same white jihadi linked to the EDL backers and leadership recruited and trained an Islamic terror cell who targetted the EDL demo in Dewsbury on the day that 'Tommy Robinson' never turned up?  Orchestrated terrorism (know the facts), because 'Tommy' is part of the same little group and was willing to allow EDL members, men, women and children to be murdered in the name of 'self promotion'.

Thank God it did not turn out how they planned it.

Know the evidence and the facts before passing an opinion although DA Notices prevent the public from knowing the full truth which means those guilty (Al Qaeda jihadi working with the EDL leadership) are allowed to continue their paths...its insanity and in my opinion treason.

I would rather leave this Country and burn my passport than live knowing what this Government has done to me personally, that's why I hope Cameron gets whats coming to him sooner rather than later, a taste of their own medicine because he sits in the Government 'hot-seat' and is protecting the network behind Breivik that is operating out of MI6.

Makes you wonder whether he's really working in tandem with Russians in the UK to help keep the lid on the truth behind Breivik because in my opinion it was a Russian operation in Norway and orchestrated in-part from within MI6 which would mean if true, that Russians are influencing MI6 and in-turn the rule of law in Britain through their agents of influence in Government which is called espionage.

Just look at all the info about Russia and the KGB/FSB before doubting.

My hope is Jesus how ever it turns out...

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