7 April 2015

Divine Justice - God's medicine for the soul

God is a good God and never failing.

Is it a coincidence in the scheme of things that I spoke of the Freemasons in relation to the organised crime and terrorism aimed at the British people that is operating at the heart of the British Government and is being covered up by elements of the Security Services.  I spoke of them getting a taste of their own medicine and the head of the Freemasons ends up in hospital on Easter Monday with a dislocated hip.


I would not want to be sitting in Cameron's seat...definitely a rock and a hard place he cannot escape from.

The cover-up of the Breivik case goes to the very top of the British Government and a section of a power base that operates behind the scenes in society who are influencing British affairs without our knowledge because of their social and economic positions and within their Masonic groupings irrespective of whether or not they are working towards British interests or on-behalf of a foreign power.

Those who seek to cover-up the truth concerning the Breivik attacks emanating out of 'British intelligence' fight against God so its no surprise the Duke who is head of the Masons ended up with a dislocated hip, just like Jacob who wrestled with God and failed.  That in my personal opinion is only the start and a sign for him and them to take note of concerning their next decisions concerning the Breivik case and the disclosure of the truth because that hole in the ground is the same size for all regardless of earthly wealth and position and then God decides your eternal destination based upon your earthly conduct and if He has to take someone to prove a point then do not doubt that He will.

Once the DA Notice is broken what then?  It should not go that far and I hope it does not but nothing is visibly changing yet, and has not, only signs from the heavens for those on earth to read.

There is a Masonic angle to Breivik case (which I stated in an un-aired interview with ITV's Juliet Bremner) and the State cover-up of the truth and other people's involvement which would send them to prison for the rest of their lives.   So it is no surprise everything has been done to keep the truth hidden from the public and the guilty from prison cells.  The cover-up can only succeed with the influence of the rogue Freemasons involved in it who are embedded within the State infrastructure of our Government and Country.

You scratch my back Ill scratch yours as they dictate to the rest of us whilst they carry out their crimes against humanity.

Watch this space because it is in God's hands and He will do what is necessary to see justice prevail, of that there is no negotiating, only my weakness waiting for His justice to prevail.  These people believe themselves to be 'all powerful' in human terms, but that 'power' is meaningless to God who is All Powerful, even the devil knows this.

The known evidence to the high level links are well documented and understood by those who know the case.

There is no one above the law,  especially not when they planned and committed mass murder not only in the UK but in what are believed to be friendly foreign Countries, and the law is knocking on their doors, unless the terrorist attack in Norway was a declaration of War by MI6 so was sanctioned by Cameron and his Government?

If not there is another explanation and my belief is well documented here on this blog.

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