1 April 2015

The alignment of God's Word & World events

Critical times upon the Earth among the Nations as the Heavens & The Earth are being shaken together at this point in known creation.

There is no reason why we cannot be in the End Times and book of Revelation period as predicted (prophesied) in Matthew 24.

Jesus our Messiah once walked the Earth before and He has told us that He will return at some-point, so creation since His last entrance and glorious exit where He conquered death to 'show us the way' and door to Eternal life has just been waiting the passage of time until His return.

Nobody knows the day or hour but Biblical prophecy tells us that when we see certain things happening in the World and in the Heavens we are to know that the time is near at the door so prepare, although every day should be preparation for heaven because an eternal death hangs over each of us irrespective of  events outside of our human control.

These signs should just be an encouragement to our faith and confirmation of our belief in the plan of Salvation laid down in the Holy Bible because they are completely outside of our control, aligning God's Word with external Worldly and Heavenly events as God's way of proving to man His existence and mans weakness and mortality in the scheme of known creation.

Fulfilled Bible prophecy.

It does not matter whether you believe or not, your opinion does not change the facts all around you, it just proves your ignorance and denial which is your own prerogative that you will take to the grave with you.

Then if you are a denier of the truth it will be too late and you will be hoping you were right because of the consequences of denying God's plan of Salvation for man whilst alive, as all those who have believed and followed live with the hope and expectation of what God has prepared for them in eternity.

If God can create creation then eternity is in His hands too.

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