1 July 2014

Tommy Robinson directly linked to Islamic terrorist plot to attack an EDL demonstration

Funny thing is, Robinson never turned up himself on the day of the planned attack, knowingly or unknowingly, and it is this what prevented the attack from being successful on the day.

MI5 did not prevent the attack from being staged even though their agent Morten Storm was the one who recruited and trained them for the attack.  It was a routine traffic stop that alerted the police to the planned attack.

Morten Storm as far as I believe is the anonymous 'Richard the Lionheart' present in Alan Lake's Barbican flat at the first founding EDL meeting, who is also I believe the same person Breivik speaks of as his English 'mentor'.

Is it all a coincidence?

My 'outstanding' evidence is yet to be proven or disprove which will in turn prove or disprove my allegations.

Further reading: Morten Storm is the alias 'Richard the Lionheart

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