23 July 2014

Political Repression & The Breivik case

If it turns out as I believe that it was MI5's Morten Storm in conjunction with Breivik who attempted to frame me for the terrorist attacks in Norway 3 years ago then it confirms at minimum 1 State actor involved as Storm is an MI5 agent. Then you look at the known witnesses to see whether or not any of them were agents of the State too, rogue or otherwise.

If elements of the British Secret Services were complicit in framing me for the attacks then this along with their State level cover-up of the case and the persecution I have received from the bottom up since the event constitutes a clear act of State sanctioned Political Repression at the very least.

 Elements of the State involved with a major international terrorist attack that includes mass murder, attempting to frame someone for it and then subsequently covering-up the truth and their involvement.

Political repression is a minor in the scheme of things, (although death has been a constant) when in reality those guilty should be on trial for mass murder and conspiracy to commit terrorist acts in Norway. The only thing is, it is a section or elements of the British State that on some level is complicit which is why the truth is being covered up.

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