3 July 2014

No 'new' leads in Madeleine McCann investigation

Telegraph: No new leads in Madeleine case

Daily Mirror: Sniffer dogs to search cars of suspects

If the police investigating the case are looking for a dead body then should they not be digging up Robert Murat's driveway to determine whether or not the illegally obtained scan of his new driveway taken by a South African investigator contains the body of a child or a dead dog.

Robert Murat was one of the first official suspects who was only cleared of involvement by a bungling corrupt Portuguese former detective who messed up the case in the first place.

Out of the 4 suspects interviewed Sergey Malinka is the direct link of the first 4 'official' suspects in the new Anglo-Portuguese investigation that links Murat to the crime.

If Malinka is guilty of any involvement of the crime it probably was not spotting Madeleine home alone that night, that suspicion has to fall onto Murat whose back gate and garden looks directly onto the Ocean Club resort and directly onto the exact apartment Madeleine was abducted from.

Video: Steven Birch finds body under Murat's driveway

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