25 February 2015

Rifkind a direct threat to National Security

A completely bogus Chinese company that was a creation of a team of journalists was able to sit down with the head of the Intelligence Select Committee who over-see's Britain's spy services who are charged with protecting National Security who openly sold himself for £5 - £8,000 a day.

Where is Britain's National Security and how on Earth was a bogus company able to penetrate the very top of Britain's intelligence committee?

Does not say much about Britain's National Security. Not only this but Rifkind boasted about his contacts, access to these contacts and that he sits on a board of Britain's Nuclear deterrent.

Thank God it was only a Telegraph and Channel 4 sting but the question is; if Rifkind was so flippant selling his soul for money in this instance, how many more times has he done it not caught on camera?

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