27 February 2015

Cameron defends Britain's porous intelligence services

The secret files of MI5/MI6 on Jihadi's are of absolutely no use if you have traitors within the ranks who have access to those intelligence files.

I would like to believe 98% of Britain's intelligence community are loyal to our Country and everything it stands for because that is why the (mostly) public school recruited agents are employed by the British tax-payer for but that 2% has the potential to make the 98% of absolutely no effect or value to Britain's National Security.

A few token arrests and plots stopped is good for the media and obviously good for public safety but it is those attacks that are not prevented that sheds a light on what is really going on.  I should know because I was framed by a section of MI5/MI6 with the evidence subsequently covered up because it proves exactly what I am writing here now and would mean those working within the intelligence agencies linked to my case would be sent to jail for the rest of their lives.

7/7 bombers were watched right up until a few months before their attacks.

Rigby killers were well known to the security services and were being watched until a few months before their attacks.

Charlie Hebdo attackers were watched up until 6 months before their attacks.

The leaders of the Islamic terror networks obviously are connected to intelligence agents who have access to the intelligence files and when the time is right and surveillance is over they then go on to attack.


Until the traitors within British intelligence are removed then Britain has absolutely no National Security.

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