29 November 2011

Breivik's ultimate humiliation: Insane

"One persons madness is another persons reality"

Daily Mail: Breivik 'insane'

The Foreigner: Nobody happy with the 'insanity' label

The Norwegian psychiatrists have concluded that Anders Breivik was psychotic when he committed his extreme right-wing terrorist atrocity on July 22nd so he will not stand trial under normal criminal conditions. He will be standing accused as a 'mad man' who is 'insane' so will be sent to a mental institute after sentencing to undergo State controlled psychiatric treatment rather than become a part of the Norwegian prison population.

That is the ultimate humiliation for him after 9 years planning and 3 years preparing for his atrocity, although you could argue, how could someone who is 'insane' pull of such a spectacular act of murderous right-wing terrorism, with a 1500 page manifesto detailing the writings of many mainstream commentators to back up and justify his actions?

Seems very sane to me.

Doesn't say much for the Norwegian mental health service who did not detect this 'mad man' in their midst, who went on to successfully conduct the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century as an act of extreme right-wing terrorism based upon his fellow countryman Fraudman's essays.

I wonder whether Fraudman will now be sectioned under the Norwegian mental health act as Breivik's terrorist atrocity were a continuation of Fraudman's inspirational writings (what do they contain)? That is of course, unless Fraudman is directly linked to Breivik so will face criminal charges instead, as part of a wider conspiracy. He was in direct email communication with him after all, in the panic he did hide his computer when the police came looking for him, he quite possibly attended the same EDL demo as him in London, and he is directly connected to many of the ideological influences linked to Breivik which could also be Alan Lake.

The good thing about sentencing Breivik to State controlled psychiatric treatment is that the Norwegians will be able to legally pump him with mind altering drugs to try and balance his 'insane' mind out, which might result in the full truth behind everything coming to light, especially if some of those drugs have some type of effect where the persons is induced to speak the truth as part of the healing process.

Until he is certified by the courts there are restraints on what the Norwegians can legally do to obtain the truth, but once sectioned they have a duty to wider Norwegian society to try and rehabilitate Anders Breivik which would mean pumping him with some exotic mind altering substances to help his mind come back into the real world where he realises that murdering 69 innocent kids on their summer camp is beyond normal human behaviour, even for a terrorist (although some gloat over the acts). Unless your a Chechen moslem of course, who committed a similar terrorist act against a school full of children in Beslan.

Also under these State sanctioned conditions they can fully analyse his 'mind-set' so as to be able to understand what makes him tick and what motivated him to commit his acts, so as to be able to gain a clearer picture and understanding of the threat now posed to Norway's National Security from internal and external forces in relation to domestic politics.

Breivik has been very clear as to why he committed his acts, and it is to do with politics and he is only one of many who think and feel like him. Just look at the EDL leader Yaxley/Tommy's comments to Breivik's actions to prove that point: Breivik dared to come forward with his opinions

Placing Breivik in the general prison population would eventually result in him being murdered by someone who wanted to gain the status and reputation of being the person who did the Norwegian people a favour by killing him, so a mental institute is probably the best and safest place all round for him, and realistically they can keep him a lot longer than the 21 years maximum sentence he could have received if he had of been deemed sane by the psychiatrists.

One part I read which was one of the reasons why they deemed him insane was that he talked of setting up a Norwegian breeding programme. That idea comes straight from Hitler himself who did actually set up an Aryan breeding programme in Germany during the Second World War, and there are many who still idolise Hitler and seek to emulate him and his agenda today, so this from Breivik could be from the Nazi influence he has received over the course of his 9 years planning whilst educating himself on the European right-wing scene.

Are all those neo-nazis out there insane like Breivik? are they Breivik's in the making?

Video: German language neo-nazis in Germany

Yep...I reckon, and that was the whole purpose of Breivik and his acts, to gather all those ideologically aligned to him and his 'makers' based upon his actions and the "2083" manifesto so as to wage a leaderless extreme right-wing war against the left taken directly from Osama Bin Laden's terrorist manual of how to start a war in the 21st Century - The global reach of the internet that beams live and direct into peoples bedrooms across the four corners of the world 24/7.

Anders Breivik is the poster boy, although the 'insanity' label will definitely stop some of those weak minded on the edge of crossing over into that world from now doing so, because weakness does not mean a lack of intelligence or intellect.

How many Breivik followers are there out there now, who agree with him and are reading his extreme right-wing terrorist manual/Declaration of War?

In a population of 6.5 billion I would say there are quite a few, its just who goes from the ideological stage into the operational stage.

There have even been European MP's who have supported Breivik and his right-wing ideas, are they insane like Breivik?

We obviously do not know the full scope of the psychiatric report so cannot give any opinions on any key points as to why they have deemed him 'insane', but one thing is for sure, there are many people out there on the extreme right who agree with Breivik and his actions, who will take up his/their mutual cause, with Denmark, Sweden, Russia and other Countries already talking about Breivik inspired attacks.

You could say that he did a good job achieving what he wanted to achieve as someone who is 'insane', with people already following in his footsteps.

"One persons madness is another persons reality"

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