18 October 2011

Russians target Breivik's lawyer

Website: Norway news

Breivik's attorney, Geir Lippe City, says his daughter (3) found Russian journalists in their kitchen. The daughter of Anders Breivik’s attorney surprised two Russian journalists prowling in their family home. According to VG, Lippe City’s daughter (3) found the journalists in the kitchen of their locked home. Apparently, the journalists were searching for information on the terrorist case. “She came running in after discovering them. I told them to go very quickly, and they did,” said Lippe City to VG.

Most of the evidence is at the police station in Oslo. Any sensitive information in Lippe City’s home is secured within a locked safe.

Lippe City has experienced intense media pressure in the terrorist case. He praises Norwegian journalists for their "exemplary behavior" - compared to foreign media.

As of Saturday afternoon, Lippe City had not returned Dagbladet’s calls.

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