5 September 2011

Steven Yaxley Lennon aka "Tommy" now in prison

Who could have worked that one out for my first weekend home?

How long he remains in prison is yet to be seen:
Tommy (grass) Robinson

Tommy believes himself to be above British law yet condemns moslems trying to enforce their own laws in Britain so its a little perplexing under an English banner too. The paper says that "Tommy" (Yaxley) is now on hunger strike because he views himself as a political prisoner a little like the IRA terrorist Bobby Sands who was fighting against the British State which is very fitting: War against the British State

"Tommy" broke our democratic laws by breaching his bail conditions imposed on him for potentially causing someones death at an EDL demo when he got his sheep to attack someone, which is what happens in a democracy.

Especially when its in full view of the worlds media.

For public safety he was banned from attending demos based upon his actions in Blackburn and broke that ban and now claims himself to be a political prisoner and on hunger strike to hype up the case. A little like the EDL house paedophile Richard Price who they tried wrapping up to be a political prisoner when in fact they knew he was a convicted kiddy fiddler.

Luton Today

Mr Lennon, who also calls himself Tommy Robinson, was remanded in custody at Luton Magistrates Court this morning (Monday, September 5) after appearing charged with breaching bail conditions imposed on him by Blackburn Magistrates Court, where he is due to go on trial on September 29.

The trial relates to an EDL protest in the Lancashire town (video below) on April 2, during which it is alleged he assaulted a man, a charge he denies.

In response to an enquiry from Luton Today, EDL spokesperson
Helen Gower said: “Tommy is on a hunger strike and will only be accepting water.”

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