27 September 2011

Call Me Dave should call his bluff.

These terrorists should all be wearing orange jumpsuits, not jumping on a red London bus

Quote: Convicted foreign terrorists routinely argue that they would face torture, or worse, if they were repatriated. The courts always take them at their word. The more heinous their crimes, the more likely they are to be believed. As a result, dozens of foreign nationals either convicted or suspected of planning atrocities are granted leave to remain. Most of them end up living in council houses on benefits, leeching off the innocent British taxpayers they want to kill. Other cases are pending.

Even if we are prevented from deporting them, at the very least we should have the right to detain them indefinitely in prison, unless they agree to leave voluntarily.

Thanks to the Human Rights Act, Britain has become a safe haven for terrorists from all over the world. British courts seem to delight in implementing the most extreme interpretations of the law. Our European ‘partners’ appear to have no such difficulty deporting undesirable aliens.

The Prime Minister has a duty to keep his election promise and repeal the Act immediately. He should defy the Lib Dems to try to stop him.

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