22 July 2019

Scottish Special Branch

Police Scotland should be ashamed of themselves, especially Scottish Special Branch who are forcing me to appear in a Scottish court over a kid’s toy due to the fact that they abused their investigative roles by lying to me when they stopped and questioned me and needed a way out.

Scottish Special Branch stopped me on a schedule 7 because of a few tins of peanut butter and a kids plastic toy that they later deemed was an offensive weapon which in reality was nothing more than a joke and is the reason why it was in my bag when going through customs in the first place (I did not think anything more of it).  A kid’s toy is one thing and an offensive weapon is another, you would have thought Police Scotland could differentiate between the two.

If you can buy it in a toy shop it is not an offensive weapon, but they had to have something to arrest me for after making me miss my flight and potentially destroying my life.

Scottish Special Branch led me into a false sense of security with their lies and when I reacted to their lies they had to act and instead of getting the mental health team to interview me which they should have done by law, who I would have told for the official record exactly what they had done, they instead arrest me for a kids plastic toy, just so their actions towards me were not officially recorded by a neutral third party.  A night in the cells, all day in court cells and now they expect me to travel back to Scotland to face the charge of carrying a plastic kid’s toy in my bag.  You cannot make this up, but just one more story of State persecution or individuals criminally abusing their Government employed roles when dealing with me within that capacity and then getting away with it because the State structure protects its own.  Even against their criminal misdeeds.

Shameful that Police Scotland have not got better things to be wasting Police time and resources on, like real crime and protecting the public, with them now wasting the courts time too continuing to pursue me through the courts over a plastic toy.  However, that is ok it is only me on the receiving end of this bullshit once again so what does anyone in the British State care whose laws and rules we currently live under. (One can only hope that the next PM is different)

They get away with murder  -  literally

Homeless and penniless as a consequences of my pursuit for justice over ‘July 22’ I was travelling to a job and accommodation exactly as I told them (SSB) which is why I needed to be on the flight.  My Government interrogators led me into a false sense of security by continually telling me “don’t worry we will get you on a flight”.  I continually told them “I am worried you won’t”.  True to form after they had finished with their irrelevant questioning of me, there was no flight for me which was completely different from what they had been telling me.  “Don’t worry we will get you on a flight”.  They then expected to just dump me at the front of the airport with £2 in my account (no arrest or talk of arrest at that point for a plastic kids toy), even after knowing they had just prevented me from flying to my job and accommodation.  They had just interrogated me after leading me into a false sense of security by lying and promising to get me on a flight and then expected to just dump me out front at the airport.  Is that justified and normal Police Scotland conduct?

I was not under arrest for anything at this point I was free to go, no mention of the kids toy. They just expected to dump me in the front of the airport with £2 in my bank account after everything they had just told me about putting me on another flight so I told them “Im going to go hang myself because what’s the point after everything”.  I was immediately arrested and told the mental health team would be coming to talk to me.  Good. Then I can explain exactly what Special Branch had just done to me, how they had lied to me whilst I was under duress and that’s why they, the mental health team were now talking to me about my threats of suicide. On official record.

Obviously the Special Branch officers knew what they had just done to me and that they were professionally liable for their misconduct, so instead of getting the mental health team to come and speak to me and write a report as I was told they would which they should have done by law considering I have mental health on my profile, they instead arrested me for a kids plastic toy stating it was an offensive weapon then dumped me in the Police cells for the night. This meant the mental health team were not involved and their lies and professional misconduct towards me was not on any official record other than their own.

Should the Police be allowed to lie to a person they have detained, especially one they have detained over a kids toy and a few tubs of peanut butter?  And how one minute could I have been free to go with no arrest for the kids toy, and then the next minute because SSB needed some excuse not to involve the mental health team I’m then under arrest for an offensive weapon?

I hope you can see that one!

Most people would think it is the criminals that lie and not the Police, but here you have a situation all recorded where you have Scottish Special Branch blatantly lying to me and then trying to cover up their lies by not involving the mental health team by arresting me for carrying a kids toy and calling it an offensive weapon.  Holding me and taking me to court over a kids plastic toy, that one minute was a non-issue and the next is an offensive weapon that they are still pursuing against me through the Scottish courts.  They should be investigated and sacked for their professional misconduct.

A prime example of wasting Police time, Court time and my time, whilst adding extra pressure onto me and my life in pursuit of trying to find me guilty for carrying a kid’s plastic toy.  Nothing more than a joke item in my luggage (a toy).  Those involved know exactly what I am talking about and they have their jobs and livelihoods to lose over this.

I never normally complain unless I really need to but I’m sick and tired of it all now so anyone reading this blog now knows what happened with Police Scotland and the added pressure they have placed upon my life.  One more complaint against tax paid employees of the State and their persecution of me as the forces of evil seek my death.

I thought it would have been thrown out by now by the CPS but obviously not.

All the evidence is recorded for any investigation and I will now be consulting with my lawyer to lodge an official complaint.

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