20 May 2017

Bedfordshire Police failings

I thought it was the 'Crown Prosecution Service' who decided whether or not to ultimately charge and prosecute a case, not a Bedfordshire Police Sergeant and his DCI.

Now I have no alternative but to seek a legal review of the Police decision not to charge, ascertaining the facts in-light of the known evidence, and seek for an IPCC investigation into the professional integrity and standard of the criminal investigation carried out into my case.  Several questions will determine whether or not my case was investigated properly, like why were Council employees sitting with a legal document in my name in their possession, whilst completely lying to me about that exact facts of that legal document which is the basis of my criminal complaint?  If there was nothing malicious taking place then was it not their professional and legal duty to have given me a copy of my legal document rather than completely lying to me in an attempt to prevent me from attending my court appearance and defending myself (that I won)?

Is that acceptable and normal professional conduct by Council employees? Obviously so...

Not once have I seen the slightest smallest bit of accountability for their completely criminal actions towards me that have been "proven"; so what do you do?  You tell me?

It is not the first time either (2014 case), only this time they escalated their discrimination and persecution of me into an attempt to 'pervert the course of justice' which is an extremely serious criminal offence, that I caught on audio recording because last time they made the witness (agency security guard) to the crime disappear so he would not have to corroborate my serious allegation as part of the investigation that took place.

The Ombudsman investigator has been caught conspiring with the Council attempting to cover-up the criminal act I lodged a complaint about, with the investigating Sergeant of Bedfordshire Police not tackling this clearly visible criminal action, just saying that's between the Council and Ombudsman (yeah I know).  Oh...That's ok then (conspiracy charge)?

I thought it was the serious & complex crime unit investigating my criminal complaint against the Council? Obviously uninterested in the seriousness of their job, or its just me and my case.  I have 3 proven cases against me on file which make up my whole case file evidence, only no justice at this present moment in time with Bedfordshire Police officers not doing the job they are employed to do.

Obviously part of the reason behind why Bedfordshire Police has been deemed the worst Force in the Country by HMIC.  Hopefully Chief Constable Boutcher recognises when and where there is a problem within his ranks and takes the appropriate action, otherwise it is logical to say that nothing will ever change and Bedfordshire Police will stay a failed institution on a local level along with all of the implications that go with that.

What do you do when you are refused 'justice' and through this process find that there is a class/group of people like Council workers who are above and beyond the same 'rule of law' governing the rest of society?

If you commit a very serious criminal offence as part of your day job and are arrested for it, you will not have the Chief Executive of your Local Government Authority and all of the local internal political hierarchy of the Council defending you and the reputation of the Council under their control, will you? NO

You are on your own and easy pickings for the Police and their arrest statistics. 

Criminal council workers do what they like to who they like when they like with no threat or fear of the consequences like my case proves, and the rest of society have to just accept this fact as normality, its bureaucracy they say.  Yes, Nazism was an extreme form of bureaucracy too and look where that led.

Then look at all of the little children being sex trafficked in places like Rotherham and the subsequent cover-up and protection of the Council workers involved, their complicity and silence of the events that took place, whilst protected from the law by their Council and Police buddies who control the law on a local level as their day job.

I will reserve personal judgment in the hope that this is an isolated incident and not a reflection of the whole of the British Police Force, coming from the actions of officers working within the only Police Force in the Country to be rated completely and utterly inadequate by Her Majesties Inspectorate which supports my point about what I am complaining has taken place with my case.

I have a draft Ombudsman conclusion into my complaint, which is "case proven" only watered down to as much of an irrelevance and minor incident as possible with the investigator refusing to look at my complaint in the right context with the 2 previous cases of extreme discrimination on file.

If those employed to enforce the law in the protection of your human & legal rights in society refuse to do this, meaning they are not only, not, carrying out the job for which they are employed and paid to do by the tax payer, but they are also leaving you in the position of having absolutely no alternative but to physically protect your legal & human rights yourself.

What do you do when the time comes to defend those rights and who will be guilty of the consequences?

We are all human and I have already been through multiple counts of extreme discrimination and persecution now which clearly crossed into a criminal act as all of my evidence clearly proves, only those in charge on a local level have each attempted to keep my case contained, thus protecting the white collar criminals working in the Council from prosecution of their very serious criminal acts committed against me and denying me my right to British justice in the process.

If the CPS rejected my case after investigating the evidence then I would at least know the proper judicial process has taken place, I would not be forced to rely on the decision of a Sergeant and his DCI who maybe have a vested interest not to charge and prosecute, especially when my case file of evidence clearly proves a pattern of criminal actions towards me on past multiple occasions by employees of 'Central Bedfordshire Council'.

We will see...

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