7 November 2015

Tourism in Egypt is 'dead & buried'

The authorities want people to think that it was a flare fired at the Thomson passenger plane 2 months before the Russian plane dropped from the sky killing all on-board, with no firm official confirmation on how it was brought down yet.

We will never know for sure about the British Thomson flight because the pilot thankfully saw whatever it was heading his way and took evasive action so that the rocket missed hitting his plane.

If we are to believe the rocket (flare) was fired by the Egyptian military then what were they doing firing rockets (flares) at passenger planes over the Med?  You don't accidentally fire rockets (flares) at passenger planes at 20 - 30,000 feet in the air whilst in the middle of the sea.

Planes knowingly being sitting ducks for terrorists with surface to air missiles definitely would not be very good for Egyptian tourism.  Egyptian helicopters being blown out of the sky by terrorists with SAM's are a different matter.

Too late now that a Russian passenger plane has been brought down which adds to a pattern if you have common sense.

Official conclusions will determine how safe international air travel now is if anyone has any doubts about the threat facing flying over terrorist hot-spots considering Al Qaeda & ISIS now have a whole arsenal of SAM's at their disposal along with the more common bomb making skills to bring down planes.

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