27 April 2014

Police corruption & Failure of duty of care

Daily Mail: Police corruption that goes to the very top

The CPS will have to decide whether they should face criminal charges – partly because of the  way they allegedly responded when Mr Anderson first voiced his concerns, while they were all serving  in Staffordshire.

My IPCC complaint for Bedfordshire police relating to the wilful refusal by a former Chief Constable to do his job properly, and a wider complaint concerning an international terrorism case that has still been ignored for 3 months now which relates to mass murder, political terrorism and threats to kill by a witness in the case.

Allot has happened in the 3 months since the complaint was lodged and is well documented with the parties involved.

I am still alive though "thank God", contrary to the wishes and actions of my enemies, so my complaint still stands and there is still outstanding evidence in a mass murder/political terrorism case in Norway.

Where is the duty of care by Beds police?


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