4 April 2011

What a Disgrace!!! An English Defence?

The Irish led English Defence League protest in Blackburn with 'Tommy Robinson' causing an affray amongst 2000 protesters with threats to kill, and violent disorder breaking out live on camera after his conduct. Using the platform and membership to target dissenters of his bastardised Irish leadership over an English patriotic movement that was hijacked.

Accusing everybody else of being racists and nazi's when the EDL under his command is awash with them: Expose

Why has he not been arrested?
Is it because the accusations are true so he has police protection regardless of what he does?

An innocent man could have very easily been killed, and the crowd were shouting 'kill him' after 'Tommy Robinson's' instigation for his supporters to target the man for a beating. Is that not a criminal offence?

Video: Tommy (Grass) Robinson web of lies

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