1 February 2011

Frontline Luton - Looking back

A bit of nostalgia in the newspaper article below for Luton Borough Council's advisory committee, and a statement made in 2007 to Fortress Bury Park.

The real defence of our communities and homeland has only just started and the spirit of the Great British dragon slayer St George has awoken and is arising, sweeping throughout our land awakening the Christian army of British warriors who have been asleep to the truth and instilling within each of them the fire to sleigh you the modern dragon in our midst.

Be sure of one thing in your moslem mind, this is the British peoples homeland with our free democratic Western way of life that has developed throughout the centuries and been protected throughout that time by the blood sweat toil and tears of our brave forefathers. Each and every person alive today, out there across Great Britain that knows of the threat that you pose in this generation to everything that we are, and all that we will be, will unite and stand together like we have done throughout our history when in times of war and peril.

Further reading:
Message to Fortress Bury Park

First ever English Defence League interview before the English patriotic movement against the Islamification of Britain was hijacked by Irish Republican's and Neo-Nazi's when my back was turned because of my own personal sacrifices. Listen at 21 minutes in and see if my words became a reality: EDL Talksport radio

Street Politiks...

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