30 May 2009

Daily Mail linking me with the firebombing of an Islamic Centre in Luton

It is nothing more than polticised Left Wing venom.

I will write my rebuttal to this and 'March for England' as soon as I can.

Unmasked: The football hooligans behind last weekend's bloody protest against a Muslim war demo

Dave Smeeton agreed to meet us outside a Portsmouth pub. There was one condition. 'No photographers - I don't want my photograph taken,' he insisted when we contacted him on his mobile phone earlier this week.

Smeeton, 53, is a married father of two, who lives in a terrace house in the south coast town and works in the motor trade.

But he also has another career: as the leader of a group called March for England. Its motto? 'We are English and proud - not racist.'

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Joanne said...

I read that long article by Paul Bracchi and that guy couldn't be more blatantly biased if he tried - it is so bloody obvious.

I would think that investigating Paul Bracchi's background would be a good idea to find out all his affiliations.

Just because a man shaves his head doesn't mean he is a 'skinhead' in the worst sense. A lot of men shave their heads and are the nicest people.

I would put Paul Bracchi on the long list of traitors to Britain, because he certainly is one.

Muslims openly preach hatred for Britain and the U.S. on the streets of England and in their mosques, but when the British people have had enough of living in fear of terrorist attacks and Muslims' vile hatred, the British are somehow being portrayed as the bad guys because they are sick of taking it.

The Daily Mail UK and Paul Bracchi should be charged with libel.

Lionheart said...

Agree with everything you have written there Joanne, especially the traitor part!!!

My lawyer will be looking into this next week for me.

This article could seriously jeapordise any future trial if the CPS do decide to charge me for the offence i have been on bail for, for the past 14 months.

If you were part of a jury and you read that about me, indirectly linking me to a fire bombing of a mosque, ontop of the charge, it would seriously cloud your judgement.

The author of the piece, is a vile Left Wing activist working in the media.


They are going to be sued to the ground by Glen Jenvey thats for sure, he played absolutely no part in anything, yet they placed him in an article ttiled: Unmasking the football hooligans behind bloody protest.

Anonymous said...

Paul, sue the Daily Mail for Libel, they are accusing you or linking you with that arson attack.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of PAUL BRACCHI, he has a nasty habit of infiltrating organisations so he can write crap about them. This is what he looks like, please spread his image amongst true patriots so he cannot infiltrate any of our groups.


He has infiltrated the NHS, Scientology, and I believe he is trying to infiltrate right wing and nationalist organisations if not he has already joined or attends such meetings.
Please distribute this link on all nationalist, right wing and conservative blogs.

Anonymous said...

Notice how they used the same photo to illustrate the story about moderate Muslims kicking Al Muhajiroun's.

In Bracchi's article it is used to imply white-on-asian violence!

Elan-tima said...

Yes the article is clearly a new attack on your efforts Lionheart. The more you confront barbarity the more barbirous tactics will be used against you.

I left a mocking comment at the papers website but I doubt they'll let it be shown. Not to worry, there were no profane language or threats. Just good old fashioned sarcasm.

Surprise, Surprise, the people who are standing up against the pox of islam are young men with short haircuts. I guess if it were the 1940's again the author of the article would be calling all the Tommies marching off to war "Shinhead Hooligans".

One last thought. I think the author must be clervioant. He seems to know what the late PM Churchill thinks about this new movements actions. I guess the ghost of Winston C. has changed his mind about Islam and Muslims since his death many decades ago.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I put your blog in my favourites list the other month and haven't got around to reading you regularly since. So of course the Daily Mail article reminded me of your blog's existence. As you say the DM article could well endanger a fair hearing for you in Court. I would laugh my head off if a prosecution against you collapsed because of the DM article, they would get hit for a massive costs bill ! The DM has reminded me to read you more often.

Ivan the yid from Bradford

Anonymous said...

They're football thugs cos they're wearing balaclavas to mask their identity.

If they were wearing terrorist-style keffiyeh scarves, they'd be called "progressive peace activists"!

Anonymous said...

These Moslem-Terror-Supporting- Leftwing hooligans (under the guise of 'human rights, peacecamp' moralists) who have taken over western democratic positions of power like the press, will bring about the end of our democracies if we let them.

But what a shock that the Daily Mail, which I always thought was not part of the one-sided, libellous, anti-patriotic, Fundamentalist-Imperialist-
Islamic-Terrorist posterior-licking Leftwing Extremist cabal, may indeed also be a member of that sorry, but dangerous, group.

But there may be, as others have suggested, a silver, nay, golden lining to such gutter-journalism. If so, Lionheart, do try and get honest, professional legal advice/ assistance on the matter.

One thing for sure...you are, in spite of your modest self,becoming a famous, household name. Someone that good, worried citizens, who feel they have no 'voice', can look up to for courage and guidance and pride in being, and remaining, all that is Best of Being British.

It's a heavy responsibility, full of potential obstacles placed in one's way by those who wish you and your cause ill, but with God's help you can overcome.

Just remain on the alert for infiltrators, provocateurs, & smiling, sweet-talking undercover enemy agents.

God Bless You and Your Righteous Endeavours,

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...




crusader1119 said...

Phew that gave me a shock Paul.Sue them for every penny you can mate. Although i wasnt mentioned i was one of the 8 friends of glen's on facebook. I noticed this morning he had disappeared from my friends list along with Dave Smeeton.!!!! Strange..

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, here are 2 Mahatma Gandhi (who was sent to prison many times) pearls which might comfort you:
(1) "First they ignore you; then they mock you; then they fight you. Then you win."
(2) "Almost anything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."

What you are doing is not insignificant in any way, that is why 'they' are doing No. 1 to you all the time.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

LH, not sure on the civil laws in the UK when it comes to Libel and Defamation of Character. But, in America, you would have a solid case. You just can't go around make those accusations in print without having some circumstantial evidence to indicate it. I am with the others and you should look into this. And definitely sue the newspaper, as well as the reporter. Your best shot will be against the newspaper (Daily Mail) due to they have more money. As well as, the reporter is a representative of the news outlet. And it's their responsibility in what they print. More than likely the Daily Mail would want a quick and silent settlement. But, you could also use this to your advantage if you don't settle for the cause. As in dis-crediting a newspaper and you still get a decent amount of money. And due to this being in "Print" no one can deny it was ever said. Best of luck if you elect to pursue this avenue.

Anonymous said...

"not sure on the civil laws in the UK"

the UK has stronger libel laws than the USA, California state being the exception.

In the US the law states that you have to prove that it was libel, in the UK the accused has to prove that he did not commit libel, so therefore it places the libeler in the spotlight who has to defend him/herself which is harder to prove and more than not produces out of court settlements as the libeler does not want to run the risk of years of legal and court time and thousands of pounds in legal and court costs.

In the US the plaintiff or the one defending him/herself has to prove that they were libeled and therefore accrue the legal fees and court expenses.

Anonymous said...

There is direct defamation of charachter, ie; saying something about a person that causes damage to the person in question.
If this is in print it is called "libel."
There is another kind of libel. that is; defasmation may be inferred or implied by the way two pieces of information are set out side by side.
The question is, would a "reasonable person" infer that Lionheart was implicated in anything unlawful by placing his picture alongside words or images that may lead that person to believe that Lionheart was implicated in some way.
This would ultimately lead to a jury having to decide, and indeed libel is often a rich man's opportunity.
The "Press Complaints Commission" can look into this, and can order the printing of an apology by the paper concerned.
First write to the Editor of the Mail and tell them you want an apol;gy and reparation for the damage your charachter has sufferrred and any other implications, also then contact the P.C.C. and lodge a complaint with them.
These scumbag journalists know how to ride a fine line between the laws, but at the end of the day, someone else decides on whether damages have occurred to those that were written about.
Libel lawyers are costly.
Shame about the Mail, but they too want to be seen to lick up to "moderate islam" so they can excuse themselves when the do let off about some aspect of terrorism.

This twat journalist made his money dead easy. he read a few lines of your blog, and met some old duffer (sorry guy!) and maybe handed him a few quid for the "interview."
This idjit has his left wing Commie stench all over him.
He is clever, if being a dick-head is clever, but he only want's to make cash, and gain kudos amongst his trendy mates down the East End in "Curry Lane."
I would not p1ss on him if he was on fire in the street.
Watch out for dirty tricks as the new Right comes to the fore during this election season.
May God sheild and protect you lionheart, from the abusers and scoffers, and the downright traitors to this land.

Anonymous said...

The Mail are scum and are telling lies!

Anonymous said...

I heard Mr. Edward Staughton of the BBC quizzing Nick Griffin of the BNP, about the meaning of the election of the first two BNP Members of the European Parliament. This very good journalist showed his true colours, as he was more savage than usual with his questions.
Mr. Griffin was well able to handle them and will be a very good proponent of the alternative views to those promoted by the Leftist elite in Westminster and the BBC.

The interview was even more agressive to the BNP leader, than was a previous interview I heard, with Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness of the Sienn Fein/I.R.A. some years ago, when they were still supporting terrorism.

This clearly shows the bias of the BBC and the dirty tricks they will use to discredit patriot Brits.
Mr. Griffin is more than a match for them, though, in intellect and political thought.
Today the Left/LabourMarxist anti- British traitor-Party crackled it's last breath.
It just hasn't been buried yet.
To those who see the BNP as anti-Jewish holocaust deniers, do not be fooled by the blatant lies and propaganda.
The Jews are no threat to Britain, and decent British patriots will not turn on them, the support of British voters would evaporate overnight if this were true.

Some people may have dodgy pasts in earlier political associations, but so did arch Labourites like Peter Hain who is now in the goevernment cabinet as Welsh Minister.
He scattered glass and nails over the rugby pitches during his antiapartheit protests, amongst other criminal acts.

Does he support direct action against radical Muslim preachers of hate, right now?
No. He could not, so why does he cry about British people VOTING for the only Party that speaks the truth about what is happening in Britain now?
The anti British apartheit of false human-rights laws, and continued support of anti Democratic Muslims like Lord Ahmed of the Labour Party, who threatened to march "10,000 Muslims on Parliament," as Mohammed had done against the Meccans in his real poliical Party, that of Jihadic Islam.
Why did he make this threat?
To stop Geert Wilders, M. P. of the the Dutch Parliament from coming to Britian (as is his right) to speak in the House of Lord's about his film "Fitna," which exposes the double-speak of Islam that beheads foreign aid-workers when it suits them and claims support for this evil, directly from the Quaran's pages.
By the way, the "Freedom Party" of Geeert Wilders has got a unprecedented increase in votes in the recent elections.
Europe is on the move.
Slowly and surely the sleeping Peoples of Europe are waking up to the dangers they face, and the fact that they have been placed in danger by their own representatives.