13 February 2009

Geert Wilders: The speech that never was

Listen to Mr Wilders words for yourself, words as an elected member of the Dutch Parliament that he was unable to speak before the 'British House of Lords' due to the Islamic community that is now living upon the Queens green shores, and their Liberal Left Wing guardians who control the functioning of State, and currently preside over their 'failed and doomed' multicultural society that we in Britain are now living in that has brought us to this cultural social conflict with the honourable Geert Wilders.

To follow Geert Wilders battle over his right to speak 'openly and honestly' about the new Nazis in the form of Moslems that are living upon our European shores, bookmark this website: Geert Wilders

I am still under arrest for this blog you are now reading, and have been for 11 months, waiting to see whether I will be charged for 'stirring up racial hatred'.

My judgement day with the British justice system awaits - will they or wont they charge me?

The Trojan horse (Islam) is in the City walls, and is protected and adored by the Governors of the City!

The film: Fitna the movie

Geert Wilders speech that never was.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much.

Thank you for inviting me. Thank you Lord Pearson and Lady Cox for showing Fitna, and for your gracious invitation. While others look away, you, seem to understand the true tradition of your country, and a flag that still stands for freedom.

This is no ordinary place. This is not just one of England’s tourist attractions. This is a sacred place. This is the mother of all Parliaments, and I am deeply humbled to speak before you.

The Houses of Parliament is where Winston Churchill stood firm, and warned – all throughout the 1930’s – for the dangers looming. Most of the time he stood alone.

In 1982 President Reagan came to the House of Commons, where he did a speech very few people liked. Reagan called upon the West to reject communism and defend freedom. He introduced a phrase: ‘evil empire’. Reagan’s speech stands out as a clarion call to preserve our liberties. I quote: If history teaches anything, it teaches self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly.

What Reagan meant is that you cannot run away from history, you cannot escape the dangers of ideologies that are out to destroy you. Denial is no option.

Communism was indeed left on the ash heap of history, just as Reagan predicted in his speech in the House of Commons. He lived to see the Berlin Wall coming down, just as Churchill witnessed the implosion of national-socialism.

Today, I come before you to warn of another great threat. It is called Islam. It poses as a religion, but its goals are very worldly: world domination, holy war, sharia law, the end of the separation of church and state, the end of democracy. It is not a religion, it is a political ideology. It demands you respect, but has no respect for you.

There might be moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam. Islam will never change, because it is build on two rocks that are forever, two fundamental beliefs that will never change, and will never go away. First, there is Quran, Allah’s personal word, uncreated, forever, with orders that need to be fulfilled regardless of place or time. And second, there is al-insal al-kamil, the perfect man, Muhammad the role model, whose deeds are to be imitated by all Muslims. And since Muhammad was a warlord and a conqueror we know what to expect.

Islam means submission, so there cannot be any mistake about it’s goal. That’s a given. The question is whether the British people, with its glorious past, is longing for that submission.

We see Islam taking off in the West at an incredible speed. The United Kingdom has seen a rapid growth of the number of Muslims. Over the last ten years, the Muslim population has grown ten times as fast as the rest of society. This has put an enormous pressure on society. Thanks to British politicians who have forgotten about Winston Churchill, the English now have taken the path of least resistance. They give up. They give in.

Thank you very much for letting me into the country. I received a letter from the Secretary of State for the Home Department, kindly disinviting me. I would threaten community relations, and therefore public security in the UK, the letter stated.
For a moment I feared that I would be refused entrance. But I was confident the British government would never sacrifice free speech because of fear of Islam. Britannia rules the waves, and Islam will never rule Britain, so I was confident the Border Agency would let me through. And after all, you have invited stranger creatures than me. Two years ago the House of Commons welcomed Mahmoud Suliman Ahmed Abu Rideh, linked to Al Qaeda. He was invited to Westminster by Lord Ahmed, who met him at Regent’s Park mosque three weeks before. Mr. Rideh, suspected of being a money man for terror groups, was given a SECURITY sticker for his Parliamentary visit.

Well, if you let in this man, than an elected politician from a fellow EU country surely is welcome here too. By letting me speak today you show that Mr Churchill’s spirit is still very much alive. And you prove that the European Union truly is working; the free movement of persons is still one of the pillars of the European project.

But there is still much work to be done. Britain seems to have become a country ruled by fear. A country where civil servants cancel Christmas celebrations to please Muslims. A country where Sharia Courts are part of the legal system. A country where Islamic organizations asked to stop the commemoration of the Holocaust. A country where a primary school cancels a Christmas nativity play because it interfered with an Islamic festival. A country where a school removes the words Christmas and Easter from their calendar so as not to offend Muslims. A country where a teacher punishes two students for refusing to pray to Allah as part of their religious education class. A country where elected members of a town council are told not to eat during daylight hours in town hall meetings during the Ramadan. A country that excels in its hatred of Israel, still the only democracy in the Middle-East. A country whose capitol is becoming ‘Londonistan’.

I would not qualify myself as a free man. Four and a half years ago I lost my freedom. I am under guard permanently, courtesy to those who prefer violence to debate. But for the leftist fan club of islam, that is not enough. They started a legal procedure against me. Three weeks ago the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ordered my criminal prosecution for making ‘Fitna’ and for my views on Islam. I committed what George Orwell called a ‘thought crime’.

You might have seen my name on Fitna’s credit role, but I am not really responsible for that movie. It was made for me. It was actually produced by Muslim extremists, the Quran and Islam itself. If Fitna is considered ‘hate speech’, then how would the Court qualify the Quran, with all it’s calls for violence, and hatred against women and Jews?
Mr. Churchill himself compared the Quran to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Well, I did exactly the same, and that is what they are prosecuting me for.

I wonder if the UK ever put Mr. Churchill on trail.

The Court’s decision and the letter I received form the Secretary of State for the Home Department are two major victories for all those who detest freedom of speech. They are doing Islam’s dirty work. Sharia by proxy. The differences between Saudi-Arabia and Jordan on one hand and Holland and Britain are blurring. Europe is now on the fast track of becoming Eurabia. That is apparently the price we have to pay for the project of mass immigration, and the multicultural project.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dearest of our many freedoms is under attack. In Europe, freedom of speech is no longer a given. What we once considered a natural component of our existence is now something we again have to fight for. That is what is at stake. Whether or not I end up in jail is not the most pressing issue. The question is: Will free speech be put behind bars?

We have to defend freedom of speech.

For the generation of my parents the word ‘London’ is synonymous with hope and freedom. When my country was occupied by the national-socialists the BBC offered a daily glimpse of hope, in the darkness of Nazi tyranny. Millions of my country men listened to it, illegally. The words ‘This Is London’ were a symbol for a better world coming soon. If only the British and Canadian and American soldiers were here.

What will be transmitted forty years from now? Will it still be ‘This Is London’? Or will it be ‘this is Londonistan’? Will it bring us hope, or will it signal the values of Mecca and Medina? Will Britain offer submission or perseverance? Freedom or slavery?

The choice is ours.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We will never apologize for being free. We will never give in. We will never surrender.

Freedom must prevail, and freedom will prevail.

Thank you very much.

Geert Wilders MP
Chairman, Party for Freedom (PVV)
The Netherlands


crusader said...

Well what a speech that would have been!

I only wonder how many would listen or act upon its message?

We truly have lost the right to free speech.....

Anonymous said...

You are quite right the UK govt is in complete denial and we have no leader to take us forward.

Winston Churchill also said that Islam in a man is like (hydrophobia/rabies) in a dog.

So called 'moderate' muslims are living a lie. There is no such thing as a moderate mulim.

There is no such thing as Islamaphobia. To have a phobia is to be physically scared of something, I am not scared of Islam, I just see it for what it is - total brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

I'm just about to read your article.
On the radio news Thursday, this received wide coverage, so to some extent, it was worth the trip.
He was accompanied by the Dutch Ambassador but was refused entry by thre Home Secretary, and David Milliband commented on interview, that he was not alloewed in "for the sake of community safety."
He went on, "You don't shout ""fire"" in a crowded theatre!"
There we have it.
The Labour policy of virtually un-checked immigration has produced a situation where the rule of Law and the Freedom of Speech are subordinate to the possibility of a tiny minority getting upset about a European Dutch Parliamentarian making a speech in the House of Lords.
Mr Wilders has not been guilty of any criminal charge and aren't we all supposed to be European now?
Wilders called Gordon Brown, "the biggest coward in Europe."
Too right!
Yesterday, police and terrorism agents arrested several men in the North of England, on "intelligence led-terrorist investigation."
So Gordon, has the threat gone away or do you want us ALL to burn when the terrorists let off their bombs in this "crowded theatre."

Anonymous said...

Good to see you are still about LH.

I hope our justice system sees how foolish they are acting and allows you your right, to freedom of speech.

Geert Wilders may have been prevented from entering Britain, but imo, it has backfired. Mr Ahmed and his pathetic minions have brought more publicity to Geerts (and our) cause than ever before.

Rooting for you LH, keep that pecker up. x Pip

commoncents said...

Great post!

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Anonymous said...

Not all at the BBC are totally craven cowards. (I hope!)
A recent interview with Geert Wilders is to be re-broadcast today at 9 PM, Sunday 15th Feb., on Radio 4, available on FM and Long Wave, and satellite and cable in Europe.
"The Choice," Michael Beurk talks to Geert Wilders about why he risked his life in producing the film "Fitna," that juxtaposes the Islamic "holy book" with the reality as created by true Islamic followers of those teachings.
Warning, "Fitna" contains graphic images of violence committed by Islamic jihadists against the "kaffir," or "unbelievers." (Everyone except the Muslims themselves.)

Anonymous said...

How strange is it, that it is a Dutchman that is the only major European Parliamentary voice to stand up and speak out for Democracy and Freedom in the face of the oncoming tidal wave of facistic repression that is sure to follow in the wake of further weakness towards a Socio-Political system such as Islam?

The religious aspect of Islam does not even come into play here, as the individual merely following their religious rituals in privacy does not pose a threat in itself.

Here we see the failings of the ruling elite majority of European Liberal-Socialists.
They only have to equate all Islam with this private and peaceful prayer activity, to be able to dismiss all who face the full implication of Islam as a political force and it's true nature as a global war-machine, as "racists" or "Islamophobes."

This is the easy way out.
This is the coward's way.
This is Gordon Brown's way; Angela Merkel's way; Xavier Solana's way;
David Milliband's way, the way of the compliant and cowardly European Socialists.

History shall not judge them as the great deliverer's of Social Justice to Europe, It shall judge them as the deliverer's of Social Justice into the hands of the tyrants, the enslavers, those whose hands are dirty with the blood of innocents.

Geert Widers speaks with the passion of Churchill.
He has the Spirit of Churchill in the face of the "Chamberlain's" of Europe.
Appeasement is not the answer.
Appeasement leads to further confidence in the would be aggressors.
Dictators and Tyrants are not swayed by weakness.
Islam has a preponderance of Governments headed by Dictators and Tyrants.
Though constantly at war internally with itself, Islam the political force, is united with it's final object, which is undoubtedly world-domination."
This act is illustrated without doubt in the way described by Wilders, in the life and words of the founder of Muhammedanism.

As Wilders says in his speech,

""There might be moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam. Islam will never change, because it is build on two rocks that are forever, two fundamental beliefs that will never change, and will never go away. First, there is Quran, Allah’s personal word, uncreated, forever, with orders that need to be fulfilled regardless of place or time. And second, there is al-insal al-kamil, the perfect man, Muhammad the role model, whose deeds are to be imitated by all Muslims. And since Muhammad was a warlord and a conqueror we know what to expect.""

Europe will inevitably be faced with a choice.
The choice of Freedom and Democracy against the acceptance of Submission.
This will be not only Submission in any religious context, but Submission politically, Socially and Culturally.

Civil War. European Civil War.

Such is the price of cowardice by our political leaders in the face of approaching Tyranny and oppression
The worst of all kinds of oppression, that of the Mind, the Soul, the Heart.

The biggest coward of Europe, Gordon Brown, and his lackeys, and fellow travellers will be remembered for just that,..submission in the face of the most implacable enemy of Freedom the world has ever seen.

Such will be the legacy of the doomed Socialist-Liberal experiment.
Cursed they will be, by History.

We can see for ourselves the depths of depravity and cruelty that occur in Africa right now.
Rape as war, vile and wicked killing. Much of this occurs in Islamic government controlled States.
Our Governments, Nato, and the U.N. stand by powerless to intervene.
But they talk, oh how they talk!

And the priorities they have, these spineless cowards?
To ban an elected European from speaking freely his warnings, in the Upper House of the Mother of Parliaments, here in London!

Cry "Shame!"

Steve Harkonnen said...

The name Geert Wilders is very familiar to British patriots like Lionheart:


It disgusts me to no end knowing that my parents are Labour. Years ago they bought into the falsehood that Labour was Britain's answer. They're nothing but a bunch of apologists for Islam and the tow the party line of "tolerance" toward these animals.

Vote BNP, fellow Brits!!!!

The Hunter said...

You know, in the United States we learned our love for freedom, including freedom of speech, from our English-speaking brothers and sisters, at the time fellow subjects of the British Crown. Notice that the first colonies in America to gain their independence from Europe were English-speaking colonies, and not French- or Spanish-speaking colonies.

They were dark days indeed when the people of the British Isles stood essentially alone, the last free people on the last piece of land where liberty could be found on that side of the Atlantic, land that was outside of the reach of Nazi or Communist tyranny. One salvation was that, like two king cobras, the Nazi empire and the Communist empire began to devour each other, until the New World was able to help the Old World drive the evil back into the darkness.

Churchill commented during the Battle of Britain about that being Britain's finest hour. I will tell you, though, that Britain's finest hour is still ahead of her.

The police have a tough job to do, and are foolishly managed by careerists who do the bidding of the infidel dhimmi politicians, who in turn have submitted themselves to the their Muslim overlords.

The punch line is that most of the Muslim world also seeks to emerge from the dark ages, but the extremists, flush with petro- and narco-money, call the shots, to the detriment of Muslim and infidel alike.

Earthly history is written by the winner, and Lionheart may go down in the books as one of the bad guys, but the only history book that really matters is in Heaven, and there your efforts and intentions carry far more weight than any mistakes that any human makes.

Keep up the good fight, Lionheart!

Anonymous said...

Hi LH, good to see you write another thread. And a most interesting and extremely important one. And I congatulate you on your honest and willingness to disscuss Geert Wilders.

What preplexes me, is that I thought ALL EU members allowed people to "freely" go visit each other member states. Like it's done in America between the states. When it comes to travel. And now you have the UK not permitting Wilders into the UK. And he's a part of the Dutch Parliament too. And the UK governments excuse is just lame at best. Now, the muslims know whenever something they disagree with...which is most stuff. The UK government will give in. Just to avoid a huge protest which could potentially turn violent. In essense, the govt. is scared.

Let the muslims protest all they want. Soon they will realize that the protesting doesn't achieve much in governmental decisions. And they will stop protesting. But why govt. fails to see it this way is beyond me. And also by not allowing Wilders in to the UK to speak regardless of the topic. Is a huge infringement on anyones freedom of speech. Once a nation loses it's free will and freedom of speech. You soon see the democracy crumble and lose other major civil liberties and freedoms. The UK govt. is destroying the UK. And when the UK govt. sees a revolt on their hands. I'm sure they will wonder why.

USpace said...

Is the UK selling Britain for Sharia cash? The only good thing about all this is that it is just causing 10s of millions more people to watch 'Fitna', and thus start to wake up to the realities of Jihad.

Defending your life and culture is not racist or xenophobic.
FREE Partij voor de Vrijheid! The Koran shouldn't be banned. Mein Kampf isn't a 'Holy Book', but it shouldn't be banned either, but you should be able to criticize it and the idiots who agree with it.

As many sane people know, Geert Wilders is NO racist. He is simply against out-of-control immigration; and against immigrants who won't assimilate; and the ones who beat Gays and rape non-Muslim women for not being covered up. He is also very much against the ones who kill their own daughters and sisters for their 'family honor'.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't criticize religions

just use Christian words
substitute for Islam's words

here's an absurd thought -
your Supreme God knew
Jesus as a pedophile

and a raping terrorist
converting slaves by the sword
Muslims are not a 'race' anyway, they are followers of a religion/ideology and its Sharia Law. Most Muslims aren't even Arabs, which by the way, is also not a 'Race'.

But their duty is, according to their Koran, to spread Sharia law over the whole Earth. It might take 100-200 years, if they succeed.

Is that the kind of world we want for our great-grand childrens' great-grand children? A Taliban Planet? I bet not. Muslims are the biggest victims of Islam. Wilders is NOT against Muslims, he is against Islamic Fundamentalism.

We all should read the Koran, but be careful, for some strict Islamists prohibit non-Muslims from having or holding one. Also, it is only 'official' in Arabic, and some Muslims say Non-Muslims can't understand it. I wonder why.

This is BIG, this is REAL BIG! SPREAD THE WORD to the world everyone! The EU Mandarins have crossed the line! If this goes to court, how much more of the public will become aware of this tyranny?
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech, then there can be no real freedom.

The Christians and Jews don’t riot when somebody makes fun of Christ or Jews. People must learn to be civilized, and held to account when they are not. Muslims included.

Geert Wilders is a hero spreading the painful truth. He MUST be protected!
here's an absurd thought -
your Supreme God says
Christians are a race

who love the Jewish race
and the peaceful Buddhist race

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
Sharia Law for ALL

submit to glorious life
slavery and servitude

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw self-defense

exposing violent crimes
shall be deemed hate speech

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
decide to change your race

just simply change religions
your religion is your race

All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Help Halt Terrorism Today!


Anonymous said...

Geert Wilders has won!

The damn is about to break.
The first leaks are spurting from the cracks.
No Euro-Socialist band-aid is going to hold it back.
Gordon Brown may have his finger in many dirty holes, but he has not got what it takes to hold back the flood.
Unlike the little Dutch boy in the legend, where he holds back the flood waters of the damn with his thumb, our dishonerable leader and his back-stabbing "friends" in Europe, though desperate to hold back the flood of truth behind the damn of Free-speech, are no match for the power they attempt to stifle.

Just like water, information cannot be held back forever, and those fools that try will lose their reputations and even their livelihoods when the damn breaks.

Only a fool like poor King Kanute of distant history, thinks they can turn back the tide.

I declare VICTORY for Free-Speech!

The cowards have lost the war, though they still fight their futile battle.

Anonymous said...

A group of 30 Lords in Parliament, did watch Fitna.
The gasps were audible as they watched the Islamists do their evil worst against their helpless prisoners.

Infidel753 said...

Perhaps sometimes it is darkest before dawn?

A little over seventy years ago there was another shameful British capitulation to grim, ruthless totalitarianism, when Chamberlain sold out Czechoslovakia to the arch-tyrant (and admirer of Islam) Adolf Hitler, in hopes of preserving peace.

But look what followed: The Poland ultimatum, Churchill, the Battle of Britain, the "finest hour", and eventually victory.

I can't believe that the craven trajectory which has culminated in banning Wilders is what most British people want. I don't live there, but the comments posted to wishy-washy articles on Islam on newspaper websites show a strong undercurrent of anger at how things are going.

Anger can be a useful spur to action. The worst thing that could happen is to sink into a paralyzing despair.

Anonymous said...

Had the Dutch government and Legal System not caused Wilders to become an unprotected 'offender' to Islamic 'sensitivities' and accused him of 'racism' (for which he may have to stand trial...!), and had stood up for him against the Islamic/Far Left mobsters bellowing for his blood, they could have retaliated to the Labour Party's racist behaviour towards one of their own.

Can you imagine the uproar if Gordon Brown, Milliband and/or some of the many pro-Arab, pro-Islam Far Left MPs, were granted the same sort of 'welcome' if they ever have to visit Holland?

I wish Holland would have the guts to declare all the above 'persona non grata' until they apologize for their vulgar, barbaric,anti-democratic behaviour towards Mr. Wilders and welcome him back into the UK to take part in the parliamentary Fitna movie- event to which he was invited in the first place.

That's the least they could do. But if not, if I were Wilders, I'd see if I could sue the Labour government for hundreds of millions for defamation of character, trampling on his civil and human rights to freedom of speech,conscience,thought,opinion as a politician of a Western democracy, and for illegally denying him, a non-criminal, entry into a fellow European democracy. And that's just for starters. I'm sure Wilders could find some very, very good lawyers only too willing to take up, and win, his case.

Then I'd like to see the expressions on the faces of Brown, Milliband and their Far Left crony MPs if, or when, the case goes against them. If only.....!

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Well said Infidel 753.

kris said...

I would be amazed if you were charged as so much time has passed it would be an abuse of process.

If your case is set down for trial, please let us know.