17 September 2007

Where the hard working tax payer's money is going

You wake up and go to work each day, 5 - 7 days a week and you pay your taxes to the Government like a good citizen that you are, then look what happens with your hard earned money.

British tax paying fools who allow their leaders to pour their hard earned money down the drain...

Think of all the innocent and vulnerable old people we have in the UK who need the help of the good decent hard working people of Britain, yet the money in the pot is being mis-managed by our Democratically elected leaders who are allowing this lunacy to continue.

Imagine what help we could give the elderly people of Britain or the 200,000 children in poverty with 1 million every month, yet we are actually handing the 1 million to children in Europe who have never even visited our Country.

More lunacy for the asylum that is Great Britain.

Courtesy of Steve Thompson.

Migrants sending more than £1m of child benefits home to Eastern Europe EVERY month

More than a million pounds a month in child benefit is going to youngsters who live in Eastern Europe, ministers admitted yesterday.

The money is being paid out to 14,000 Eastern European nationals who claim for offspring living in their home countries.

It is the first time the Government has acknowledged that the payments - funded by British taxpayers - are going abroad.

Even larger sums in tax credits for children are thought to be paid to recent migrants from Eastern Europe but ministers insist that total figures are 'not available'.

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