18 September 2001

An open letter to members of the National Black Police Association

I am writing this letter watching on from afar as we the general public observe through the media the very public attempt to execute the head of your Police force Sir Ian Blair by what can only be described as a group of bloody thirsty wolves who are seeking a very public coup over one of the Nations main institutions too which you belong and serve the people of this Country in.

You only have to look at the background to this group of wolves to see that it is not a group that should be followed and supported. Each of them are seeking their own gain out of this attempted coup which is money and the public execution of the Top of the Countries Police force, and are seeking to use you in the process as the heavy cavalry behind them.

If you cannot see that then you are blind and stupid and shouldn’t be working in the Police force in the first place.

Tarique Ghaffur has risen over the years working within the Police force to the third most senior position which in anyone’s book is good going for any officer let alone an ethnic minority officer in what this group is calling a racist organisation. This position which reflects his ability isn’t good enough for him and because he has not been promoted beyond it where he personally believes he should be he is now throwing the racism card in the face of those leaders who have supported his career and helped him rise through the ranks, and claiming millions in compensation in the process.

Talk about biting the hand that has fed you and supported you but I suppose you should not expect anything less from a wolf, a natural wild beast.

Commander Ali Dizaei as head of your organisation who has had his own conflicts within the British Police force has come out in support of Tarique Ghaffur claim of racism and the potential compensation claim they are aiming for.

You know your own Commanders story better than anyone else and I wonder how he has ended up as the head of your organisation due to it?

I am sure that many if not most are thinking the exact same thing.

Yasmin Rehman a has also came out in support of Tarique Ghaffur after he emerged into the public eye claiming racism with her own claim of racism and the subsequent compensation claim that comes with it which has bolstered the potential coup at the top.

Then the M.P Keith Vaz entered the proceedings to add weight behind the charges against Sir Ian Blair.

A considerable force to try and topple the Head of your organisation do you not think?

They have also enlisted the crooked con man Dr Shahrokh Mireskandari to represent them in the legal proceedings who each of them know personally on an intimate level, even to the point of breaking British law on his behalf of which you are the upholders.

Why would you even want to entertain the thought of supporting such a corrupt ungrateful group of wolves who are in this for their own personal and political gain, and wanting to use you in the process to achieve it?

Commander Ali Dizaei is talking about using you to march on our streets to demonstrate against Sir Ian Blair and calling for a boycott of recruiting ethnic minority Police officers. The only ones who will lose out if they choose that approach are the stupid ones who agree to it because they will stay unemployed when they could be working in one of the Worlds leading 21st Centuries police forces.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Commander Ali Dizaei is trying to use his position over you for his own personal gain does it?

When I read the news about this matter it abhors me that he is head of the Black Police Association and keeps saying as such and using this as his beating stick because he is not black he is Asian.

He is tarring ever fine black officer with his brush and if you look at this group they are all Asian not black so why is he using the black card?

Through this he is forcing each and everyone of you into his defence whether you like it or not and I expect the overwhelming majority of you do not like it.

This same Asian Commander at the NPBA called for officers to vote in favour of positively discriminating within the Police force in favour of ethnic minority officers because of the colour of your skin. How can that be right, shouldn’t the job go to the man with the ability not the man with a different colour skin, isn’t that racist? And you cannot say that skin colour prevents a man from rising through the ranks because there are good high ranking black Police officers and many rising through the ranks based on their ability not their skin colour, and look at Tarique Ghaffur for example of an Asian officer who rose to No.3 in the force.

The race card is a very useful and powerful tool in the hands of people who cannot get their own way in today’s society I hope you agree.

Following the news the past few years we see the lengths Sir Ian Blair has gone too to rid the Police force of racism even to the point of declaring it institutionally racist after the Stephen Lawrence enquiry and putting in place measures to counteract that and change it.

I should think that any ethic minority Police officers who might read this would have to agree that they enjoy their day job and the colleagues they work with no matter what the colour of their skin otherwise they wouldn’t still be there. Of course there are exceptions and there are measures in place to tackle those exceptions that arise.

It is very easy now to cry racism and the whole world comes down upon those who the charges are leveled at. Why do you think this group of wolves are using the race card? The most effective and powerful legal weapon there is now for ethnic minority people in today’s Britain to get what they want.

In my personal opinion when looking at this situation it is a group of Moslems who have joined forces seeking this coup for political and personal gain and they are forcing all black officers into the coup because Commander Ali Dizaei is the head of your organisation who isn’t even black.

Something a little wrong there don’t you think?

So in signing off I would just like to say ‘Why would you want to enter into this groups attempted coup and march on the streets?’ and ‘Why would people not want to join the Police force because Commander Ali Dizaei says they shouldn’t because he is involved in his own personal war against the force?’

Who does he think he is?

I know that any Moslem officers who may get to read this will reject everything because in their eyes they have to support their Moslem brothers and sisters no matter what because of what their religion teaches them so they will march and boycott but who cares really.

Isnt it time you removed these wolves from amongst you and put some men of integrity in their place who have the respect of everyone to lead you forward and defend your rights.

It doesn’t take a brain scientist from amongst you to organise your own coup within your organisation to get your house in order by removing these people from their positions over you does it.

I know for a fact that the majority of your members know that Sir Ian Blair is not a racist so these charges are false, so if they are false then you have to look beyond what are the mechanics at play here.



Anonymous said...

The only racists in this farce is the NBPA itself. How can it demand equality when the organisation itself is seperatist?

What if I demanded a White Police Organisation? Now we have a Muslim Police Organisation, that's two ethnic associations against one! So how and where does equality come in to all this hipocracy?

The simple fact is, these muslim leeches are not up to the job. They disgust me and are an absolute disgrace to the police service. But I'm afraid the Police have left themselves wide open and this is what they get when they favour ethnics. Really, the Met is getting what it deserves, after all, they we're submissive to the politically correct ethnic diversity programmes etc.

I knew this day would come and just have to laugh at the situation whilst I try to work out who is now running the Met from the top as they have all this in-fighting. It's no laughing matter really but I can't help in the current situation pointing the finger and saying in a most annoying mannor 'I told you so'

(Muslims, Bring it on!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

This is so similar to what happened to the Labour Party at the time of the now deceased Mr. Smith, who was a decent man but never became PM.
In Liverpool, the Trotskyite wing of Labour Party, using it's local influence in the Town Hall, and some radical Unions, then took over the Council entirely and what followed was weeks of un-collected rubbish and vermin in the streets, hospitals malfunctioning and so on.
Eventually leader Neil Kinnock addressed the issue at the Labour Conference and a massive infight took place.
All this contributed to the demise of the traditional socialist Labour Party and opened the door for the rise of the likes of Tony Blair, and "NU-Labour," from whom we are suffering today's series of crisis and the effects of their "positive discrimination" policies and "social cohesion," and "political correctness" and "human rights" enforcement.
The Trotskyites called themselves "The Militant Tendency," and they represented the last battle of the revolutionary politics of Trotsky with the Kremlin style leadership of the Marxist/Leninist Labour Party thinkers.
This is why we are in such a mess with them today.
Labour Party put these policies in practice, and now the beneficiaries, "Sharia-Cops" and "Islamic-lawyer-Lords" are forming into a pack to hunt down any resistance to their political-religious agenda to help install Sharia style Law by default in Britain.
This will include effects that will influence the jobs of every good Copper.
I hope the ones tasked with monitoring your blog start to seriously think about what is going on and how it will affect them.
It is no use saying "I will be retired by then," think of your children's future in a Sharia-compliant Britain.
This wolf pack have identified the weaknesses of the Socialist ruling party and are using their analysis of the historic infighting of the Labour Party to insidiously weaken and break the confidence of the LAST BASTION in Civil Society (police) against the destruction of the powers of the Crown, and service to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, God Bless Her,who represents the best of Britain.
After the weakening of the Police Service, will come the attacks on the Armed Forces, from within and without, by public propaganda and by Ministerial changes to administration.
We owe our Homeland a great duty to see what is going on and to let people know.
You are a true patriot, Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

here here!
A rod for their own backs, indeed.
The Police Service sgould be outside of racial social policies.
It should be led by those of merit who desrve their jobs on results and on ability.
Not every policeman can hope to get to the top, or even wants to.
They do deserve a straight-up leadership with clear values.
The next government of Britian should exempt the Police from such interfering or it will go down and the citizen will think of them badly.
If a Muslim swears his oath to uphold Law and do his duty, to the public and the Crown, then he has the same chance of advancement if he shows that he is doing his job well and is not influenced by other hidden agendas.
The Met Police would not be without intelligence of what those agendas are, and so suspension of those officers is quite right, pending investigation.

Anonymous said...

Are there any British Jews serving in the Police Force? If so, how many, in which positions, and are they of both sexes?

If there are British Jewish policepersons, why haven't they set up a White(-ish)Kosher Police Organization?

The first 2 questions are for real. The last is a bit satirical (or is it??)

Any answers?

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Why would a nation allow separate police social organizations and back it up...especially a police force. In America, the police force at ALL levels see them as ONE group and wouldnt allow separate groups based on races organize...even outside the force. The way our police forces see it is a us and them (criminals) mentality. Not separate race organizations set-up and established within the force itself. Allowing this to happen only brings on trouble.

Now America did use affirmative action and now that some equality has garnered from this. this no longer exist. Now we rely on the best person to lead to get a promotion. Many police depts. make the individual take an extense test. And then go through an extensive background check, followed by several review board interviews...such as, psychological test and usually two oral interviews. To ascertain who will get the new position.

As for various specialize units within the force...i.e., SWAT, Detective, Narcotics, K-9 unit, etc. the same process mentioned above is followed to ensure no favoritizm is conducted. And things are based on an officers merit and standing. I know America is a bit messed up right now. But, as I see it were on our knees and in time when we figure this out. We will be standing strong once again. The people in your nations must speak out and DEMAND that things get done. As in the govt should be fearful of its people and not the other way around.