4 March 2008

Luton - Mapping the British Islamic army

Video News report below:

The British government have come up with another 'good idea' of how to tackle the extreme Islamic threat within our Nation, they have decided that the best approach is to now map where the pockets of extremism exist throughout the country.

I thought that MI5 had already done this, or was that just the mapping of certain Al Qaeda cells they had discovered?

In reality, the bottom line truth to the matter is, is that wherever there are Islamic communities there is going to be Islamic extremism because it is part and parcel of the "Religion of Peace", that certain parts of the community, mainly young men, are drawn towards because their death manual the Koran commands it as a religious obligation.

This news report about the mapping project was filmed using the Bury Park Moslem community of Luton as the back drop.

On the morning of July 7th 2005, 4 Al Qaeda suicide bombers descended on this community to meet with their leaders and members of Al Qaeda's British born army before setting off from Luton train station on their mission in central London, to declare War against the people of Great Britain for Osama Bin Laden.

People then woke up for 5 minutes and thought what is going on in Luton with regards to Islam and its Moslem followers, they were force fed a load of lie's by the British government, and everything was then hushed up and swept back under the carpet so as to not alarm the public, out of sight out of mind, and life then went back to normal.

People forget thogh that under the surface of reality that has been covered up and silenced, there is an extreme element within the Bury Park Moslem community of Luton that is at War with Great Britain, and who are conducting warfare on a daily basis against local life and society in their pursuit to enforce Islamic dominance upon British life.

Further evidence of the serious Islamic threat facing the British homeland, from on the ground in Luton was brought to light after operation crevice, which was the biggest anti-terror operation in British history. The plot that operation crevice was centred around was the fertiliser plot, where an Al Qaeda cell had planned to blow up a night club and a shopping centre. The Al Qaeda trained bomb maker of this plot was a local Luton Moslem who also had aspirations to buy a dirty bomb from the Russian mafia in Belgium, and the Emir (Boss or fixer) of the plot was another Luton Moslem who it is said, was the one who recruited the lead bomber on 7/7.

There can be no doubt based on the facts that the Bury Park area of Luton is Al Qaeda's base camp within Great Britain, a central piece of territory that they have used to declare War against the British public.

My main message throughout this blog is about the daily Jihad (Holy War) that is being conducted against the local community by Moslems from the Bury Park community of Luton in their pursuit to enforce Islamic dominance upon local life.

This Low level Civil War against the British people is happening on the streets now.

The journalist in this news report about 'mapping' is shown interviewing a local Luton Moslem who is a part of the newly formed "Islamic Council of Britain", this group was formed after their previous group Al Majaroun which had its headquarters in Bury Park Luton and was headed by Omar Bakri was banned because of how extreme it was.

Their previous group Al Majaroun is linked to every single suicide bombing that has been carried out here and abroad by British Moslems: (Video) Luton Links to murder

There is a video underneath the news report below that shows the 'Islamic Council of Britain' demonstrating against the annual Holocaust remembrance service outside the Luton Town Hall in the centre of Town.

The journalist is interviewing an ideological Moslem terrorist who was a part of Al Majaroun, and who is now a part of the extreme Islamic Council of Britain.

Why do the British people have to put up with this murder and hatred aimed at them?

Also in the News report the journalist mentions that only last week 3 young Moslem men from the Bury Park community of Luton were killed by American bombs whilst fighting against coalition troops in Afghanistan.

Lets hope that those 3 were part of the 30 that the British hero Prince Harry eliminated as he guided bombs into Taliban positions during his time fighting for his country on the front lines.

Mapping the Islamic threat

Luton - Islamic Council of Britain


Ducky's here said...

Lionheart, isn't the cop who's going to arrest you back from vacation yet?

Or maybe it's time to admit you're a fraud?

Joanne said...

ducky - leave your bird crap somewhere else why don't you?

Lionheart has gone great lengths to prove to his readers that he is telling the truth, and I for one haven't had any other source refute his findings. Quack off, dear ducky!

The Muslims in Britain have a problem with being spied on? Go figure! Until there isn't a need to spy on them, they should just get used to it and be transparent.

I find it interesting the coppers want people to give information on perceived Muslim extremist activities; you have to wonder if they will use the information against the people who provide it or if the Muslims themselves will make complaints about the people offering information. This seems to be the case in Lionheart's predicament, and I can't imagine people wanting to get involved if it is going to backfire in their general direction.

Anonymous said...

The BBC are showing a series of programmes about 'white working class Britons'.

Part of it is a drama about a young white girl drifting to Islam after the divorce of her white working class parents.

Watching the clip, the multiculturalist propaganda is sickening


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I suggest we make a cxomplaint to the Televison Advertiseng Sandards council about the BBC ad-trailers showing a white guys face being covered in ink scrawl until he looks all black apart from his eyes.
I find that offensive and racist.

Anonymous said...

Ducky's here, isn't it time for your mutual masturbation with your longtime underage boyfriend?