30 March 2008

Countdown to another ‘Islamic’ inspired atrocity in Great Britain direct from the pages of the Koran

When the next attack happens everyone in the media and government will come out saying that this has nothing to do with Islam, and that Islam is a “Religion of Peace”, even though the terrorist attacks will have be carried out by Moslems in the name of their religion – Jihad

The British Home Secretary has already made it quite clear what those in positions of power should call Islamic inspired terrorist acts if they know what’s good for them, and their high paid jobs – Anti-Islamic activity

This shows this present Labour governments Dictatorship over the people of Britain, telling us what we can and cannot call the enemy that is seeking to destroy us.

Thank God the “Tiger Tiger” car bombing failed otherwise this would have caused unimaginable grief and horror against the people of Britain considering it was planned for a ladies only night.

How much more of this hatred do the people of the United Kingdom have to take?

The caricature picture above is of my good friend Glen Jenvey, Glen is one of the unsung hero’s of the anti-Jihad movement, there is information in places about him and his work but not nearly enough considering his accomplishments in tackling international Islamic terrorism and helping to bring to justice Al Qaeda’s leaders and preachers in the West, which includes Abu Hamza who is now being extradited to the U.S to face terror charges that could net him 100 years, Abu Izzadeen who is currently on trial for preaching and raising funds for the Global Jihad, and Omar Bakri who was expelled from Britain whose organization Al Muhjaroun is linked to every single suicide bombing carried out by British Moslems.

I know that other people have used his work to promote themselves, who now are lauded around the place as if they are terrorism experts, when in reality they are nothing more than sharks that regurgitate other people’s information and work and then claim it as their own – Charlatan

You can see straight through them, their perception and their writings!

There is also a book that is an inside account from the people who carried out the work of ensnaring the worst Islamic terrorists to walk the streets of Britain that is yet to be published – The War of the Web

If you have watched the movie “Obsession” then you will have seen Glen featured on the film talking about Islamic terrorism in Britain, along with some of the video evidence he collected, also if you have watched the recently released controversial ‘Fitna’ movie then again you would have viewed video evidence of Abu Hamza and Abu Izzadeen that Glen Jenvey and Jonathan Galt collected.

One of the greatest truths I have heard was when Glen spoke of the Islamic terrorist threat in the UK, he said “The threat is not outside of our borders anymore, its here within our own borders, they are here, living amongst us”.

That cannot be denied by anyone – 4th Generation Warfare

Glen Jenvey & Jonathan Galts websites.

Glen sent me through some information last month that he had obtained from an Al Qaeda affiliated website. It was a statement from the British leader of Al Qaeda who stated that if Al Qaeda’s demands were not met by the end of March 2008 then there would be attacks; this also coincides with Osama Bin Ladens recent audio message where he threatens imminent attacks.

The message:

In the name of Allah, We the organisation of al-Qaeda in Britain offer a truce to the British government, Our Demands are as follows:

I: A complete withdrawal of the British troops from Afghanistan and Iraq
II: To free all Muslim captives from Belmarsh prison, and the foremost of them Shaykh Abu Qatada al-Filistini and Shaykh Abu Hamza al-Misri

If the British government fails to respond to our demands within the last day of March 2008, as they fail to answer to the truce of our Shaykh Usama bin Laden and to the truce of the Emir of Believers Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, then the Martyrdom seekers of the organisation of al-Qaeda in Britain will target all the political leaders especially Tony Blair And Gordan Brown And we will target all Embassies, Crusaders Center And their Interests through out the country, with the help of Allah.

Finally all praise is to Allah

Umar Rabie al-Khalaila
The leader of al-Qaeda in Britain
The organistion of al-Qaeda in Britain
23- January 2008

That being the case, that the British leader of Al Qaeda has threatened attacks if their demands are not met by the end of March, and with Osama Bin Laden making an almost identical statement, is it not the responsibility of government to raise the terror threat level and warn the people of Britain to be extra vigilant at this time.

Once we are attacked and many people are killed, then the government cannot apologies and say they did not know about it.

Even if an attack does not happen, is it still not the responsibility of government to warn people just in case, based on the information?

Once people are dead they are dead, there is no coming back.

Only if people are aware that something might occur will they be conscious of the threat that is aimed at our society and then be extra vigilant, and hopefully be able to prevent another atrocity like the “Tiger Tiger” nightclub bombing.

This time though I don’t think Al Qaeda will want to leave anything to chance, so will send human bombs to blow themselves up again rather than leaving cars parked packed with explosives at the side of the road that might fail – They have learned their mistake

There is absolutely no security in Great Britain against British Moslem suicide bombers, they can attack anywhere at will, and kill and injure many many innocent people in the process – The Enemy we face

I asked Glen what he thought the likelihood of an attack was, and he said that he can see similarities as to what happened before the 7/7 bombings, so that being the case, there is a very good possibility that we are counting down the days to the next Islamic terror attack to hit the British mainland.

Take this recent information away, and the question still remains; not if they will attack again, but when and where will they attack? So the threat is very real and imminent.

Thankfully the British security services have been able to apprehend many British Al Qaeda terrorists who have been in the planning and preparation stages of hitting Britain with attacks, thus averting much murder and bloodshed, and even what could have turned out to be a black day in British history which was Diren Barot’s aim.

I am sure Al Qaeda still want to create that black day, they are at War with us after all!

In 2007 Al Qaeda released a propaganda video showing many Western born Moslem recruits who had been through their terror training camps in Afghanistan/Pakistan who had been trained and sent back to their home Nations to become part of sleeper cells. This shows the availability Al Qaeda has within our Nation, of British born Moslems who are trained and willing to carry out suicidal attacks like the 7/7 bombers were on behalf of Al Qaeda.

It does not take many Islamic terrorists to cause a lot of carnage, murder and terror, look at the 4 on the morning of 7/7 and what they achieved, or the 19 who changed the World on 9/11.

It is a fact that there is now untold trained Al Qaeda Islamic terrorists’ living within Great Britain, with many of them now blended into our society as sleeper’s who then go on to create their invisible sleeper cells who are hell bent on destruction and War for Allah in their Jihad to subdue Britain under Islamic dominance through terror, this is the military wing of Islam’s objective.

Jihad is here within mainland Britain – Civil War.

At the end of 2006, the head of MI5 made a public statement detailing the level of the threat at that point in time, 1600 individuals being watched, 200 networks in place and 30 actual plots against us. This threat was then the tip of the ice berg, we are now 1 ½ years on from that report, with many attacks prevented or failed within that space of time – MI5 report

My greatest fear is that the next attack will be a dirty bomb, there has been two attempts made already to obtain the technology and materials needed to make a radioactive dirty bomb within Britain. Al Qaeda’s ex-British General Diren Barot planned to create a black day in British history by using a dirty bomb, and the bomb maker of the fertilizer plot also wanted to obtain this capability with which to use against us, so the planning and preparation for this type of atrocity is in place.

Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller who was the head of MI5 has said that it is only a matter of time until this time of technology and weaponry is used against us on the streets of the West, and the government has a strategy in place to evacuate London if the unimaginable happens.

This is what the future now contains because of the military wing of the “Religion of Peace” Islam.

The military wing of Islam is at War with America and the Western World, the greatest Jihad in the history of Islam and mankind is upon us, upon our soil – The Global Jihad

World War III - 4th Generational Warfare

This is what MPACUK which is one of the biggest Moslem organizations within Great Britain tells its Moslem readers about Jihad, it is taken from a Birmingham discussion which was home to the Undercover Mosque expose.

Jihad is an Arabic word meaning to 'strive or make effort'. It is difficult to understand the concept of Jihad in its entirety, however, in its broader meaning Jihad can be explained as a continuous struggle and sacrifice by Muslims with their energy, wealth and power.
Islam is not a passive religion. It requires active participation.
It is the basic responsibility of every Muslim to practice, preach, establish what is good and defend against what is bad.
Moreover, it is the religious duty of every Muslim to defend against all forms of tyranny and injustice, however significant or insignificant they may be.
If Jihad takes the form of a defensive war it is known as the Lesser Jihad; the Greater Jihad is the battle against one's own ego and desires.
Jihad plays a very important role in Islamic ideology, as it encourages a constant struggle in the way of Allah to establish justice and virtue.
Thus, We have made you a people justly balanced so you could be witnesses over nations. (2:143)
It is every Muslim's duty to ensure the establishment of just and representative governments and to wage jihad for it. This is so injustice and tyranny are eradicated and are replaced with justice and security.
The Prophet (peace & blessings upon him) said "The best jihad is that of speaking a word of truth to an unjust ruler".

This video which is the last will and testament of the ring leader of the 7/7 bombers, which would have been viewed by 99% of the Moslem youth within Britain, tells them about his view of Jihad based on the Koran.

The countdown to the next Islamic inspired terrorist attack began in the 7th Century when Islam was birthed upon the Earth, 14 Centuries later those attacks are in our own lands as Islam and Moslems seek to conquer us as people, and subdue us and our lands under Islamic Rule as the Koran teaches them too.

When, Where and What type of atrocity is the question?

A video showing the very real scenario of a Radioactive bomb upon the streets of London, please click link for all parts of the video: Dirty bomb in London

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the tribe of Judah


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